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Snohomish pharmacy producing hand sanitizer

Six-ounce bottles of the hand sanitizer a local pharmacy produced.

SNOHOMISH — As a compounding pharmacist, Dawn Ipsen of Kusler’s Pharmacy couldn't let her chemist’s know-how lay idle during the coronavirus outbreak.
On top of serving prescriptions, Kusler’s is producing hand sanitizer.
Local recipients have included Snohomish’s police department, fire department, food bank, senior center and the Boys & Girls Club. As of last week, Kusler’s has given 350 bottles into the community, and it also is selling hand sanitizer at a reasonable price.
Ipsen said the $4.99 price for a four-ounce bottle is at no markup, and priced to cover costs and production time. The pharmacy is an essential business, located at the corner of Seventh Street and Avenue D.
Other independent pharmacies aren’t selling right now, but some reported they are thinking about it.
One pharmacist the Tribune talked with said while standards have been relaxed in regulating who can make hand sanitizer, the public needs to be careful about homemade sanitizer sellers because makers “need to maintain a clean area” and practice sanitization standards for production.
Kusler’s pharmacy had to “get the really pure ingredients" to make its product, Ipsen said.
“Ultimately, this is a about doing the right thing and getting our community served,” Ipsen said in an interview. “And if I can help them and serve, it’s a win for everybody.”
Last week, they made 16 gallons of the stuff, and this week may have 15 to 20 gallons more available.
Today they are using 4-ounce bottles, but also plan to fill gallon jugs to distribute.
“We’re listening to everyone for community needs,” Ipsen said.
The Food and Drug Administration loosened regulations about a month ago to allow pharmacies to make certain alcohol-based hand sanitizers during the public health crisis.
"As you can imagine, hand sanitizer is like gold at the Boys & Girls Club. We are doing our best to keep everything safe and clean, and having the right products on hand really makes a difference. The donation from Kusler’s is just another example of the whole community working together through a difficult time." Marci Volmer, Chief Operating Officer for the Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish County, said in a Kusler’s news release.
A similar rush on hand sanitizers and masks happened during the swine flu scare of 2009.



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