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Classics line First Street once more

Doug Ramsay photo

Chester, a two-year-old beagle, sits back and watches as Steve Martin of Brier wipes off a little road dust as he readies to show off his
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle at the 38th annual Snohomish Classic Car and Hot Rod Display in Snohomish on Sunday, Sept. 26. Despite the threat of rain throughout the day, several hundred cars were on display along First Street.

Providence hospital over-capacity due to COVID

How hospitals are dealing with the mass of delta patients

EVERETT — Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, like all hospitals, is grappling with the pressure of higher volumes of hospitalizations caused by the delta variant of COVID-19.
The hospital on Colby has 48 intensive care unit (ICU) beds, but stretched to create more while operating at over-capacity.

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Bickford Avenue bridge paving tentatively now Oct. 6

SNOHOMISH — A full repave of the bumpy Bickford Avenue bridge over state Route 9 requires closing the bridge. The city says paving the bridge now is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 6. The Bickford detour uses side roads to reach 56th Street SE (east of King Charley's).
State bridge inspectors found “no repairs needed” to the bridge’s wooden deck from making a full inspection Wednesday, Sept. 22

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Homebuilder seeks hot-button E. Monroe land

MONROE — A homebuilder is asking the city to edit its Comprehensive Plan to let it build homes on the much-debated East Monroe land along
U.S. 2 at the city’s eastern entryway.
Homebuilder Trammel Crow Residential seeks to have 13 of the 43 acres rezoned into residential land. It proposes building either 300 tight-knit homes or 75 single-family houses on the site. The 13 acres are the potentially developable part of an area largely of wetlands. Homes sit above the site along the bluff.

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Snohomish to look at addressing Pilchuck Park road entryway, but it won’t be easy

SNOHOMISH — The only entry road to Pilchuck Park will need to be relocated away from where it sits today on an eroding riverbank. That much is a given, from what city engineer Yosh Monzaki explained to the city parks board last week.

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Police shoot murder suspect in Clearview grocery store parking lot

CLEARVIEW — Three law enforcement officers with a King County-based SWAT agency shot a murder suspect as the result of an incident that happened in the parking lot of the Clearview Safeway (the former Albertsons) Monday afternoon around 2:40 p.m.

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Kaci Edelbrock Memorial 5K Run/Walk on Oct. 3 sends its proceeds back into community

MONROE — When 350-plus runners take off at Lake Tye Park on Sunday, Oct. 3, the broader community is who benefits.

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Program helps seniors video-chat with doctors

EVERETT — Communicating with your health provider became difficult during the pandemic. With so many groups of people affected by this, a group of students set out to put doctors within reach using tablets and smartphones.

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Snohomish CROP Walk lets public help end hunger

SNOHOMISH — Churches involved in the annual CROP Walk this October aim to stamp out hunger through walking events and dine-out fundraisers.

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COVID cases hit new peak, stretching hospitals thin

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — COVID-19 infections are happening more than ever seen before during the pandemic. The transmission rate now hangs at a high level, which rattles health officials. The state is not at a point of crisis care, like Idaho is in, but surgeries and other care is being delayed at hospitals because of the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations.

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Day center on S. Broadway gives women solace while homeless

EVERETT — Two volunteer-staffed groups are reaching out, hand in hand, with some much-needed services for homeless individuals in Snohomish County.

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"Walsh Hills” subdivision approved to go ahead

SNOHOMISH — The city announced last week that the planning department approved D.R. Horton’s site development permit toward a 110 single-family subdivision within 20 acres along Terrace Avenue. The homes could be available for purchase by late fall 2022, the homebuilder says.

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Phone app that alerts to CPR incidents now in county

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A free smartphone app called PulsePoint that just launched in Snohomish County pings alerts to everyday citizens trained in CPR asking them to come give aid while medics are on their way.

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Now facing mass eviction, residents at The Grand Apartments of Everett cry foul on new owners

EVERETT — Residents of The Grand Apartments, already facing a rent increase by the property’s new owners, Dimension Townhomes, LLC, claim they are now being evicted after complaining to the City of Everett about possible noise and safety violations.

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Plan advances for 20 mph roads across Snohomish’s core

SNOHOMISH — The City Council last week approved a key step toward reducing speeds to 20 mph for much of town.

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Ricci making write-in run for Snohomish school board

SNOHOMISH — A write-in candidate for school board has sprung up in the southwestern part of the Snohomish School District. Sarah Ricci is running against Jay Hagen for District 5.

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Blackman Lake facing difficulties for healthy longevity

SNOHOMISH — The lake in the center of Snohomish is struggling. Water clarity is down, phosphorous is increasing. Toxic algae blooms are sometimes seen because these are getting overfed by the fertile water. What can be done?

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Accusations question mayor’s, councilman’s filings on properties

SNOHOMISH — The Tribune answers residents’ questions about Mayor John Kartak and City Councilman Larry Countryman’s 2021 campaign filings relating to property ownership. Some citizens claim 614 A, B and C Maple Ave. are not legitimate and were built without proper permits. Other items are disputed.

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Fentanyl overdoses soaring as trends change

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Opioid overdoses in Snohomish County are rising, with more than 90 dead and hundreds saved in just the first six months of 2021. A potent pain medication called Fentanyl is driving deaths and is heavily weighted in relation to treatment calls.

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What new WA police accountability laws do and don’t do

Several new police accountability bills went into effect in Washington state July 25, changing some of the ways police officers can interact with the public. This explainer article plainly describes what law enforcement can and cannot do in relation to mental health calls, approaching people for questioning, detaning people, the limitations on considering someone a suspect and more.

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