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Everett Farmers Market celebrating 30 seasons of providing local farmers’ bounties

Jayden of A.C.M.A Mission Orchards out of Quincy, holds up a head of cabbage, as Janet Gore (far left) of Everett reacts with excitement at the Everett Farmers Market on Sunday, June 3. Gore had been in search of a head of cabbage to finally find the only vendor with them on that day.

EVERETT —The popular Everett Farmers Market has moved several times, seen more vendors and, in its 30th season, is thriving in downtown Everett. The inside story of how the market grew, from its roster of those who ran it.

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Water treatment plant improvements to help salmon-bearing North Creek in Everett

EVERETT — North Creek, a salmon-bearing stream, will have cleaner water after the City Council unanimously approved a $16.6-million plan this year to improve treatment of stormwater runoff amid future development. How much? It'll be 50% cleaner when the work is done.

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County's picture of homelessness increasing

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Every year, a group of volunteers conducts a count of people experiencing homelessness in all United States counties in the month of January. This year, Snohomish County’s number was the highest it’s been in more than a decade.

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Mark Perry, school athletic director, wraps up career at Snohomish High School

SNOHOMISH — Mark Perry led teams to championships and mentored thousands of players and fellow coaches, and is capping off a long career at Snohomish High as its athletic director. What's next for him? Plenty.

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Free pre-K classrooms for low-income kids sees unvailability gap grow as a service pinch point gets worse

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — There is no room for hundreds of young children in the county to learn pivotal primer skills under Washington’s state-funded preschool network, and the gap grew when the state widened who was eligible. Why? The number of providers didn't grow with it to accomodate the children. Why not? It's due to funding, fundamentally.

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Healthcare workers picket in Monroe over insurance benefits

MONROE — Union members held a demonstration with a picket line and speakers at EvergreenHealth in Monroe on May 24, protesting the increased cost of downgraded health insurance.

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Multiple roundabouts planned for U.S. 2 in Sultan to ease congestion

SULTAN — The city is going back to the drawing board for finding funding to design a roundabout at U.S. 2 and Sultan Basin Road. Other projects to add roundabouts in the area are progressing toward construction.

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Kayaks for rent at Lake Tye Park

MONROE — See Lake Tye from a whole other perspective by kayak.
A kayak rental company will be running this summer on the weekends. Operator David Leggett, a retired firefighter, will have life vests, paddles and kayaks as a rental package.
The kayaks will be available at the lake from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays until well into October.

Snohomish park bathrooms hit by troubles

SNOHOMISH — Ferguson Park's bathrooms are locked, and so are the ones at Hill Park at Blackman Lake. Someday, cameras may be watching these parks.

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Finishing state Route 522 more possible as design component now fully funded

MONROE — The last chunk of dough to design the future, wider state Route 522 is secure. Legislators recently committed $33.6 million for 522 in the state Transportation budget. Here's the new timeline.

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Snohomish residents to be asked to see if pipes are of lead

SNOHOMISH — A selection of city residents will soon be receiving postcards asking them to state whether their pipes are made of lead. It’s part of a federal audit that has the goal to get rid of lead pipes. What if you do have lead pipes? You'll have to replace them.

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Who's running for election this year?

Candidate filers for

Our longest-living Snohomish Panthers SPECIAL story was in the May 10 paper or see the written pieces of this here
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When COVID-era "expanded" food benefits ended, food banks saw new surge in people

Enhanced SNAP benefits were designed to give people extra allotments to help them through the COVID-19 pandemic, when life was full of uncertainty. But at the beginning of March, these additional SNAP benefits concluded, and food banks are seeing an increase in clients coming in for food. 

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Monroe area for families to sleep in cars explained

MONROE — A program to let families with children sleep in their car overnight in St. Vincent de Paul's parking lot at its building on W. Main Street could begin by this summer. Representatives explained the details at a meeting Thursday, May 11.

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Everett adding bike boulevards to enlarge its all-city network

EVERETT — More bicycle corridors are coming to central Everett soon by way of reconfiguring Madison Street and modifications to north-south Fleming Street parallel to Evergreen Way.

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Split Everett council permits mayor to add homeless buffer zones

EVERETT — The mayor can now set more zones in Everett which outlaw laying or sleeping on the sidewalk. The City Council voted 4-3 granting the mayor authority

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Tearing up the quarter-midget circuit

SNOHOMISHHudson Johnson is a quarter midget race car driver who has already nailed down local, regional and national-level winner's trophies in the NASCAR Youth Series.

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Try a splash pad

Splash pads and water playgrounds at Everett's Forest Park and Willis Tucker Park in Snohomish, pictured above, offer playtime in the water and a chance to cool off in the heat all through summer.
Forest Park's splash pad opened early for the season. Its daily hours are 10 a.m. to dusk and the park is at 802 E. Mukilteo Boulevard in Everett. Willis Tucker Park's splash pad will be open daily 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. starting this Saturday, May 27. Willis Tucker Park is at 6705 Puget Park Drive just outside of Snohomish. Both are free to the public. They're both scheduled to be open to September.

Next Snohomish Police Chief announced as Lt. Mike Martin

SNOHOMISH — Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Martin has been named to be police chief come July 1. Martin was Sultan’s police chief from 2018 until last year when he took a different assignment.

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Snohomish may re-evaluate allowing fireworks

SNOHOMISH — The City Council may seek an advisory ballot measure asking the public whether it would support a full in-city ban.  Snohomish currently allows using fireworks on just the Fourth of July from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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How robotics clubs make mighty tech

MONROE — Inside the skunkworks of Bearcats Robotics and legions of other robotics clubs are the next generation of engineers. Sure, they created a machine, but they also beefed up a lot of life skills that don't require a screwdriver, too.

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Meth lab residue harmed next tenant at Housing Hope Snohomish apartment unit

SNOHOMISH — She began feeling sick soon after being placed in her apartment. Months later, a certified contractor's test results showed her bedroom had off-the-charts contamination from meth. The blind spot that disabled a Snohomish woman may have been neighbors' complaints of the prior tenant having a suspected meth lab were not logged.

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Blackman Lake early test results suggest lakebed fueling algae

SNOHOMISH — This winter's test results are giving some early tells on why toxic algae seems to be able to thrive in Blackman Lake, and what can be done to restore it.

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Snohomish Fire asking voters for levy restoration this August

SNOHOMISH — Fire District 4 will be asking voters this August to restore its levy rate to $1.50 per $1,000 in assessed property tax value.

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Salmon flourished after Pilchuck River Dam’s demolition

SNOHOMISH — Salmon have taken over the waters to create new spawning areas after the city let go of its dam on the Pilchuck River. The dam by Granite Falls was there to divert drinking water for the City of Snohomish. But by the mid-2010s, the city began to get all its water from Everett. The city no longer employed its use.

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Snohomish Fire District 4 to look at join-up with bigger Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue

SNOHOMISH — Snohomish Fire District 4’s three board members have directed the chief to approach Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue to have conversations about consolidating services.

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Past questions reappear at Harvey Field public meeting

SNOHOMISH — The public has plenty of questions on Harvey Field's proposal to expand its airport footprint, which includes relocating Airport Way farther south.

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