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State Court of Appeals hears Walmart case
Decision could take weeks
MONROE - Oral arguments for the Friends of North Kelsey lawsuit against the Walmart project were heard before the state Court of Appeals in Seattle early last week.
Each side was given 10 minutes to present arguments. Most of the time was spent answering the judges’ questions. A decision is expected to take several weeks.
Friends argued the development plans for Walmart are inconsistent with guidelines codified by the city for the North Kelsey Development Subarea where Walmart wants to build.
“I think it went well,” Friends’ lawyer Claudia Newman said. “I was very encouraged, but also everyone knows that you don’t rely on the questions to guess what the decision will be.”
Newman said she was asked so many questions by the three-judge panel that she didn’t get much time to talk about her main issues with the city’s decision to approve the Walmart project.
“The citizens of Monroe spent years and years and meeting after meeting to put together this plan and it became law and it is law and the City Council abandoned it,” Newman wanted to say to the panel. “It wasn’t a subjective dispute. The City Council didn’t have the discretion to abandon the plan because it states clearly that they have certain parameters to work with.”


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