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Everett and Mukilteo Basketball

Everett Seagulls

Seagull coach sees strong returns

contributing writer

The Everett girl’s basketball team is eyeing districts after a 2016 season that fell one game short of the playoffs. Now in his third year, Head Coach Luther Weathersby is using last season as a motivational tool with high hopes for his young but talented squad. 
“There were three or four close games last year where we just didn’t know how to finish,” Weathersby said. “This is the most athletic team I have coached. We expect to win more games. We really believe we can move up to the middle of the pack in Wesco.” 
The Seagulls are returning three starters from last year: senior captain Kate Pohland and juniors Brooklyn Johnson and Morgan Carter, and are expecting big contributions from new starters senior Abby Affholter and sophomore Kayla Lay. Weathersby also has the junior varsity squad which continues to develop thanks to JV coach Jamar Williams. 
Who gets promoted from junior varsity will be decided mid-season based on performance. By then, Weathersby expects the varsity squad will be hitting its stride.  
With many of the girls entering their third year under the same coach, there is a sense of confidence in the locker room. The players understand the system and continue to build chemistry that has grown over the years.  
Fittingly, the Seagulls motto for this season is “5 as 1,” a notion that no one player is more important than the team and that everyone must work as one to be successful. This was brought forth by 5-foot-10 senior Pohland who already has offers to play college ball next season and is considered to be one of the best players in Wesco. 
“We preach team,” said Weathersby. “The girls are very close and want to win. Everyday we ask ourselves, coaches included, ‘did we get better?’ Kate can flat-out play basketball and does a great job of leading our team.” 
Another player who might have star potential this season is 5-foot freshman Isabel Koivu, whose
availability this year is yet to be determined because of eligibility requirements. If she is not able to play for the varsity team this year she will spend the season on JV. Koivu, a product of the Seagulls feeder program has been brought up by Weathersby as a potential star. 
The feeder program — which develops 5th through 8th grade students who intend to play for Everett High — is a big reason coaches have high hopes for the team.
“We have some great girls coming from the feeder program,” said Weathersby. “We have about two or three classes, 6th, 7th and 8th grade filled with great players. The future is really bright for Everett High girls.” 
Weathersby also attributes the improvement of girl’s basketball to the parent run booster club which has grown tremendously since he took over. The club raises money for the program and works with Weathersby to organize things like team dinners, which have become a tradition. 
The Seagulls started their season on the road Tuesday, Nov. 28 at Meadowdale and on Wednesday, Nov. 29 play an away game against Shorecrest. They’ll then play in the Bru-Gull Fest against Cascade on Dec. 1 at Everett Community College. The team’s first home game is against Squalicum on Monday, Dec. 4.

Everett Seagulls Girls Schedule

Nov. 29  @  Shorecrest
Dec. 1  @  Cascade (6:15pm)
Dec. 4  vs.  Squalcium
Dec. 8  @  Ferndale
Dec. 13  @  Stanwood
Dec. 15  vs.  Shorecrest
Dec. 19  @  Redmond
Dec. 27  @ Lakewood (TBD)
Dec. 28  @  Lakewood (TBD)
Jan. 2  @  Snohomish
Jan. 4  vs.  Shorewood
Jan. 10  vs.  Marysville Getchell
Jan. 12  @  Arlington
Jan. 17  vs.  Marysville Pilchuck
Jan. 19  vs.  Mt. Lake Terrace
Jan. 24  @  Meadowdale
Jan. 26  @  Oak Harbor
Jan. 31  vs.  Edmonds Woodway
Feb. 2  @  Lynnwood

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m.
unless otherwise noted

Seagull boys may be a crapshoot

The Everett boys basketball team is coming off of a middle-of-the-road 11-10 overall and 6-6 league season.
A number of their big scorers were lost to graduation. That includes names such as Murdock Rutledge, Byron Llewellen and Nathan Tuck.
Even so, if the same players from last year keep it up, the team will have defenders such as 5-foot-9 guard Bogdan Fesiienko, now a senior, and 6-foot-4 forward Wes Erickson, also now a senior.
This year’s team roster was not available at press time.
The Tribune did not hear back from either head coach Bryce Levin nor an assistant coach by deadline.
The boys have their first home game Friday, Dec. 8 against Ferndale. That’s a non-conference game. Their first in-league game is a home game Tuesday, Dec. 12 against Stanwood.

 Everett Seagulls Boys Schedule

Nov. 30  @  Squalicum
Dec. 1  @  Cascade (7:45pm)
Dec. 5  @  Jackson
Dec. 8  vs.  Ferndale
Dec. 9  vs.  Skyline
Dec. 12  vs.  Stanwood
Dec. 15  @  Shorecerst
Dec. 21  @  Juanita
Dec. 29  vs.  Mariner
Jan. 2  vs.  Snohomish
Jan. 5  @  Shorewood
Jan. 9  @  Marysville Gethchell
Jan. 12  vs.  Arlington
Jan. 16  @  Marysville Pilchuck
Jan. 19  @  Mt. Lake Terrace
Jan. 22  vs.  Meadowdale
Jan. 26  vs.  Oak Harbor
Jan. 30  @  Edmonds Woodway
Feb. 2  vs.  Lynnwood

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m.
unless otherwise noted

Cascade, Jackson, Kamiak and Mariner schedules

Cascade Bruins

Girls Schedule

Nov. 29  vs.  North Creek
Dec. 1  vs.  Everett (6pm)
Dec. 5  vs.  Marysville Pilchuck
Dec. 6  @  Mt. Lake Terrace
Dec. 8  vs.  Glacier Peak
Dec. 13  @  Kamiak
Dec. 15  vs.  Mt. Vernon
Dec. 19  vs.  Oak Harbor
Dec. 20  @  Meadowdale
Jan. 3  @  Jackson
Jan. 5  @  Lake Stevens
Jan. 10  vs.  Mariner
Jan. 12  @  Monroe
Jan. 17  @  Glacier Peak
Jan. 19  vs.  Kamiak
Jan. 24  @  Mt. Vernon
Jan. 26  vs.  Jackson
Jan. 31  vs.  Lake Stevens
Feb. 2  @  Mariner
Feb. 5  vs.  Monroe

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Boys Schedule

Dec. 1  vs.  Everett (7:45pm)
Dec. 2  vs.  Bothell
Dec. 5  @  Edmonds Woodway
Dec. 7  vs.  Glacier Peak
Dec. 12  vs.  Kamiak
Dec. 15  @  Mt. Vernon
Dec. 20  @  Meadowdale
Dec. 29  @  Snohomish
Jan. 2  vs.  Jackson
Jan. 9  @  Mariner
Jan. 11  vs.  Monroe
Jan. 16  @  Glacier Peak
Jan. 19  @  Kamiak
Jan. 23  vs.  Mt. Vernon
Jan. 26  @  Jackson
Jan. 30  @  Lake Stevens
Feb. 2  vs.  Mariner
Feb. 5  @  Monroe
Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Jackson Timberwolves

Girls Schedule

Nov. 29  vs.  Edmonds Woodway
De. 6  vs.  Shorecrest
Dec. 8  vs.  Mt Vernon
Dec. 9  @  Mercer Island (7:30pm)
Dec. 13  vs.  Monroe
Dec. 15  @  Glacier Peak
Dec. 20  vs.  Inglemoor
Dec. 30  @  Bothell (2pm)
Jan. 3  vs.  Cascade
Jan. 5  vs.  Mariner
Jan. 10  @  Lake Stevens
Jan. 12  vs.  Kamiak
Jan. 17  @  Mt. Vernon
Jan. 19  @  Monroe
Jan. 24  vs.  Glacier Peak
Jan. 26  @  Cascade
Jan. 31  @  Mariner
Feb. 2  vs.  Lake Stevens
Feb. 5  @  Kamiak

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Boys Schedule

Dec. 1  vs.  Meadowdale
Dec. 5  vs.  Everett
Dec. 8  @  Mt. Vernon
Dec. 12  @  Monroe
Dec. 15  vs.  Glacier Peak
Dec. 21  @  Snohomish
Dec. 29  @  Bothell (6:30pm)
Dec. 30  @  Bothell (TBD)
Jan. 2  @  Cascade
Jan. 5  @  Mariner
Jan. 9  vs.  Lake Stevens
Jan. 11  @  Kamiak
Jan. 16  vs.  Mt. Vernon
Jan. 19  vs.  Monroe
Jan. 23  @  Glacier Peak
Jan. 26  vs.  Cascade
Jan. 30  vs.  Mariner
Feb. 2  @  Lake Stevens
Feb. 5  vs.  Kamiak

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m.
unless otherwise noted

Kamiak Knights

Girls Schedule

Nov. 29  vs.  Lynnwood
Dec. 1  @  Arlington
Dec. 6  vs.  Snohomish
Dec. 8  @  Lake Stevens
Dec. 13  vs.  Cascade
Dec. 15  vs.  Mariner (6:15 p.)
Dec. 19  vs.  Ed-Woodway
Dec. 26  @  MTL (TBD)
Dec. 27  @  MTL (TBD)
Jan. 3  @  Monroe
Jan. 5  vs.  Glacier Peak
Jan. 10  vs.  Mt. Vernon
Jan. 12  @  Jackson
Jan. 17  vs.  Lake Stevens
Jan. 19  @  Cascade
Jan. 24  @  Mariner (8pm)
Jan. 26  vs.  Monroe
Jan. 31  @  Glacier Peak
Feb. 2  @  Mt. Vernon
Feb. 5  vs.  Jackson

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m.
unless otherwise noted

Boys Schedule

Nov. 29  @  Mt. Lake Terrace
Dec. 1  vs.  Marysville Pilchuck
Dec. 8  vs.  Lake Stevens
Dec. 12  @  Cascade
Dec. 15  vs.  Mariner (8 p.m.)
Jan. 2  vs.  Monroe
Jan. 5  @  Glacier Peak
Jan. 9  @  Mt. Vernon
Jan. 11  vs.  Jackson
Jan. 16  @  Lake Stevens
Jan. 19  vs.  Cascade
Jan. 24  @  Mariner (6:15 p.m.)
Jan. 26  @  Monroe
Jan. 30  vs.  Glacier Peak
Feb. 2  vs.  Mt. Vernon
Feb. 5  @  Jackson

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m.
unless otherwise noted

Mariner Marauders

Girls Schedule

Nov. 29  @  Meadowdale
Dec. 4  @  Lynnwood
Dec. 6  vs.  Marysville Pilchuck
Dec. 8  vs.  Monroe
Dec. 13  @  Mt. Vernon
Dec. 15  @  Kamiak (6:15pm)
Dec. 21  vs.  Ingraham
Dec. 26  @  MTL (TBD)
Dec. 27  @  MTL (TBD)
Jan. 3  vs.  Lake Stevens
Jan. 5  @  Jackson
Jan. 10  @  Cascade
Jan. 12  vs.  Glacier Peak
Jan. 17  @  Monroe
Jan. 19  vs.  Mt. Vernon
Jan. 24  vs.  Kamiak (8pm)
Jan. 26  @  Lake Stevens
Jan. 31  vs.  Jackson
Feb. 2  vs.  Cascade
Feb. 5  @  Glacier Peak 

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Boys Schedule

Dec. 1  @  Kings/Friday Harbor (3:45pm)
Dec. 2  @  Friday Harbor (TBD)
Dec. 5  @  Ferndale
Dec. 8  @  Monroe
Dec. 12  vs.  Mt. Vernon
Dec. 15  @  Kamiak (8pm)
Dec. 18  vs  Lynnwood
Dec. 29  @  Everett
Jan. 2  @  Lake Stevens
Jan. 5  vs.  Jackson
Jan. 9  vs.  Cascade
Jan. 11  @  Glacier Peak
Jan. 15  vs.  Monroe
Jan. 19  @  Mt. Vernon
Jan. 24  vs.  Kamiak (6:15pm)
Jan. 26  vs.  Lake Stevens
Jan. 30  @  Jackson
Feb. 2  @  Cascade
Feb. 5  @  Glacier Peak

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m. unless otherwise noted

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