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Why Bob McDaniel always gives his all

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Bob McDaniel in the Snohomish hardware and garden store he opened in his family's name in 1966. He still puts in hours at the store. He began working in hardware some 67 years ago.

Bob McDaniel knows first-hand the rewards that come from hard work.
When he was in high school, making 75 cents an hour at Wilson's Hardware store in 1955, he would take any opportunity to work after school and help Graeme Wilson close his store for the night. Sometimes this meant finishing football practice and rushing down to close Wilson's at 5:30 p.m. Working 60-hour weeks and dedicating himself to his job, he spent the next 11 years working there.
In 1966, McDaniel bought the store on First Street. Later that year, he married his wife, Karolyn.
"I came through life at a good time," McDaniel said. His mother traveled from Wyoming to Snohomish in the late 1920s, and his father from North Dakota to Lake Stevens in the 1930s. He was born in the former Snohomish hospital and graduated from Snohomish High School in 1958. After attending college for two years, McDaniel left to focus on work.
"If you're gonna make above average, you gotta work above average," McDaniel said, emphasizing the importance of taking pride in your job and using your intelligence when making decisions. McDaniel sees customer service as essential, and he has taught generations of employees to focus on the people aspect of the store.
"It's important to get to know people by name," McDaniel said.
The store had been affiliated with Marshall-Wells, then joined Coast to Coast Hardware’s network. McDaniel’s relocated to its spot on Second Street in 1986, and in 1992 changed affiliations to be a Do It Best center.
Currently, six McDaniel family members work at McDaniel's Do It Center. Bob McDaniel’s son Brad bought the store from him in 1998. At 83 years old, McDaniel has no plans for retirement, noting that his father worked at his store until he was 82.
"It's what keeps me going, I think," McDaniel said. He wants to stay active and works about 40 hours a week.
"He would do whatever it took to take care of someone, even if that meant he would grab it from home or find it in his garage," Brad McDaniel said. He recalled his dad buying a microwave in the 1970s before they were a common household item. Soon after, a customer came in asking for a microwave. So, he went home, grabbed his newly purchased item, and sold it to his customer.
Brad McDaniel said, "I feel really fortunate to have a good relationship with him and to be able to work with him the past 30-plus years. He loves God, being involved in his church, and talking with people. The only time he is happier than being at the store is when he's at home on his riding lawn mower.”
Bob McDaniel hopes people will see and remember him as being honest, generous, hardworking, and committed to keeping his word.
The McDaniel family stays involved in youth sports, particularly Snohomish football, attending and sponsoring local teams and events over the years.
Bob, Brad, and the rest of the crew are ready to assist you at McDaniel's Do It Center, located at 510 Second St. in Snohomish.



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