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Everett School Board majority declines to shorten terms to 4 years

EVERETT — A proposal to shorten elected school board terms from six years to four years, introduced by exiting board member April Berg, was shot down last week.
In a 2-3 vote on whether to let the idea advance, a trio of board members didn’t give it the chance.
Berg and Andrew Nicholls voted yes. Nicholls said the length of commitment causes some people to get cold feet about running.
Berg said having six-year terms, combined with the board having at-large elections instead of geographic districts to spread representation, can stifle elections.
People don’t have enough avenues into the electoral process, Berg said. “It tends to be an appointment process, and turns into a retainment issue.”
Board members who voted “no” said they preferred consistency and cohesion, and shorter terms muddle that.
“Trying to move to four years is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist,” board member Caroline Mason said.
Board president Pam LeSesne said she’s not hearing the community talking about shortening to four-year terms. She’s hearing issues about schools, but not this.
On May 12, Berg had filed her resignation.




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