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Community Transit to revamp its bus routes in 2024 to link to light rail

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — When an urban rail system reaches Lynnwood as soon as summer 2024, it could be a game-changer for the county.
In anticipation, Community Transit is restructuring its bus network to bring riders to Sound Transit’s Link light rail stations, as well as connecting commuter riders with Community Transit’s bus rapid transit Swift lines. The bus system is building a third Swift bus rapid transit line, the Orange Line, that is scheduled to start in 2024.
Long-distance commuters in Snohomish and Monroe stand to benefit under the revamp. Late-night service will grow longer, too.
Notably, Community Transit’s express routes which take riders deep into Seattle will be eliminated. Instead, express buses would take people to the rail stations in Lynnwood and Shoreline.
The Seattle routes are ending because “light rail is traveling on its own rail system ... our buses will get stuck on I-5 traffic, and that can disrupt our entire schedule,” system planning manager Chris Simmons answered during a May 2 open house, adding that “while I know it’s a large change for a number of folks ... the rail cars allow us an opportunity that we cannot do today.”
Community Transit is taking a survey about its 2024 plan through the end of the month at
People can email feedback at or make a call to 425-353-7433.
The plan will be refined this fall and adopted by the agency’s board the end of the year.

Specifically proposed:
• In Snohomish, a direct express route from the Snohomish park and ride (Avenue D) to the Lynnwood rail station and back, called Route 901, is proposed for the mornings and evenings. The proposed hours would be from Snohomish to Lynnwood 5 to 9 a.m. and from Lynnwood to Snohomish from 3 to 7 p.m.
Lake Stevens, downtown Stanwood and Marysville would be served with similar direct express routes to the Lynnwood rail station in the plan. The Stanwood line would run all day in both directions.
• A new 908 express route starting in Snohomish at the Avenue D park and ride would stop at the Monroe park and ride at the Fairgrounds before traveling to Bellevue station and the Totem Lake park and ride near Woodinville. It would go southward in the mornings and northward in the late afternoon and evenings using state Route 522.
The express route would connect to the upcoming Sound Transit rail station in downtown Bellevue at NE 6th Street. Rail service to Bellevue should be up and running by then.
• No changes are planned for today’s east-west Routes 270 and 271 which run between Everett and Gold Bar.
• A direct express route is proposed from the Lynnwood rail station to the Mukilteo ferry terminal. It would run seven days a week: every 30 minutes on weekdays, every 60 minutes on weekends. This route would make a stop in the Alderwood Mall area, too.
• Meanwhile, the original Swift Blue line, which runs down Highway 99 in Everett, would be lengthened to reach a future link light rail station in Shoreline. The Swift line will retain its stop at the Aurora Village Transit Center.
An hourlong video presentation with details on all the routes can be watched at




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