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Charity drive comforts domestic violence survivors with new pajamas

Photo courtesy Janet Bacon

Janet Bacon collects new pajamas for domestic violence survivors each year, and can use the public’s assistance.

EVERETT — Listening to Janet Bacon describe her annual one-person charity drive, it’s easy to see why she named it Joyful Jammies.
“I’ve always felt a need to help others,” Bacon said. “It gives me so much delight.”
Since 2013, the 70-year-old retiree has been buying and delivering pairs of pajamas to local domestic violence shelters and other places of need.
The first year she distributed 47 pairs, and the number has steadily grown. Last year it reached 701.
“It’s really, really grassroots,” Bacon said. “It’s just me.”
Bacon, a longtime volunteer at Everett’s Domestic Violence Services, was reminiscing about receiving new pajamas for Christmas when the idea for Joyful Jammies struck.
“There’s a bit of comfort to just having fresh, clean jammies when you feel in crisis,” she said. “I see some of these people come in off the street without shoes.”
Bacon buys new women’s and children’s pajamas in a wide range of sizes. She uses coupons and shops sales to get the best deals.
“I get real nice jammies. I want them to feel special,” she said.
On Dec. 10, Bacon stops shopping and starts sorting. Her partner, Bill Bond, helps her deliver the pajamas by Dec. 15.
This year the sleepwear will go to Domestic Violence Services, Pathways For Women (a Lynnwood shelter) and Hand in Hand (an Everett children’s shelter).
“We love Janet,” said Debra Bordsen, the COO of Domestic Violence Services. “She has a kind heart and loves to help.
“She realized that the kids in our shelter need new jammies. It makes you feel so great as a kid that somebody cares about you. It’s like getting a brand new pair of shoes,” Bordsen said. “It just makes the kid’s day.”
Bacon solicits money via a Facebook page and puts baskets for new pajama donations at a few local businesses. About 60 percent of her contributions are cash.
So far this year she has received more than $800, as well as 60 pairs of jammies.
She welcomes even more.
“I can always find kids and moms to give jammies to,” Bacon said. “I could find a place for 10,000 jammies.”
Donations to Joyful Jammies can be mailed to Bacon at P.O. Box 4539, Everett, 98208, or emailed to
More information about Joyful Jammies is available at Bacon’s Facebook page, under Janet Kralevich Bacon.    




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