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Snohomish-born author’s children’s book tells of pigeon’s accidental adventure

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Laura Roetcisoender developed her book about a pigeon after observing the birds on a ferry ride.

SNOHOMISH — Laura Roetcisoender has always had a passion for entertaining children and writing. Now, she’s published a new children’s book.
In 2005 while riding the ferry to Whidbey Island, Roetcisoender noticed some pigeons hiding in the rafters of the boat.  
She wondered who the first pigeon was to take the ferry to the island, and how their journey played out. Deciding this would be an entertaining story she soon began writing down ideas. After finding some inspiration, Laura soon began writing “Priscilla Gets Lost!”  
It is 26 pages, includes full color illustrations, and is intended for ages three to five.
Her story features the journey of Priscilla the pigeon, who takes an accidental ride on the Mukilteo ferry.  
“I thought this would make a good and entertaining story,” Roetcisoender said.
The story begins when a local Mukilteo pigeon Priscilla notices some seagulls being fed by people. Wanting to get in on the buffet, she unknowingly takes a ride on the ferry to Whidbey Island. Priscilla soon finds herself all alone in a new and strange place, with no way to get back home.  After working up the courage to ask some seagulls for help, she is confused about their advice. Priscilla soon meets another pigeon named Reggie and an old crow named Bert who help in her quest to return home.  Eventually, Priscilla is able to return home with the help of her new friends and shares the story with her other friends back home.  
Writing this book was a two-year process, which took hours of writing and editing to complete.
Roeticisoender was born in 1948 at the Snohomish Hospital, and lived in Snohomish until 1966 before moving to San Francisco after graduating high school. Roetcisoender spent most of her career working for Pacific Northwest Bell in Seattle until she retired in 2000. Having a love for the Pacific Northwest, she decided to move to Langley on Whidbey Island due to the peace and quietness of the area.
Roetcisoender’s interest in writing for children started in the early 1990s.
Eventually, Roetcisoender obtained her dream of publishing a children’s book with help from Newman Springs Publishing, who illustrated and published the book.
Roetcisoender isn’t done yet, and plans to hopefully write a continuation of Priscilla’s story if the first book sells well.
“Priscilla Gets Lost!” is available for sale in physical and eBook format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Moonraker Books in Langley.




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