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Umbrellas are theme for new mural on First Street

Jake Berg photo

Gina Haugen touches up a cloud with pencil before painting it black. The mural is located on the east side of her shop, facing Avenue C and those heading west on First Street.

SNOHOMISH — A new mural downtown is meant to fit right with the season.
Last year, the city commissioned an artist to create an interactive mural as part of its “Snohomish Social” campaign. People may have noticed the mural at the corner of First Street and Avenue C.
Located on the side of Worthy, a home decor and fashion store, the mural is meant to be a photo backdrop.
It was repainted last week to feature three colorful umbrellas under a stormy sky, a scene all too familiar this time of year.
The umbrellas are at various heights to stand under, with handles intended for people to “hold” as their picture is being taken. People are encouraged to use the hashtag that’s painted on the mural to participate in the social campaign.
The store’s owner, Gina Haugen, took on the task of painting the new mural for free after the city came to her wanting to replace the one from last year.
Haugen, who has owned and operated her store for the last seven years, said she enjoyed the process of painting the new mural. With a background in interior design, Haugen said she enjoys using her creative side.
Using a photo found on Pinterest for inspiration, Haugen drew her design on the white background with chalk and pencil before painting the bright colors and intricate lines.
Regardless of the many looks of appreciation and compliments from those passing by, in true artist fashion, Haugen couldn’t help but point out what she considered flaws as she climbed a ladder to reach the top of the clouds.
Snohomish’s historic downtown has been a photo-friendly destination for years. Photographers take advantage of the original architecture and bold colors along First Street to add character and appeal.
Haugen said she thinks it would be cool for the mural to change with the seasons.
“I would love it if it was changed quarterly,” Haugen said.
Haugen added that the owner of another store on the block wants to do the next one.
The previous mural featured an animated couch saying “I love you” and an animated phone saying “hello.” It was painted by an artist picked by the city using a selection process.



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