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Snohomish real estate duo’s TV show renewed

Photo courtesy HGTV

Leslie Davis (left) and Lyndsay Lamb, twin sisters from Snohomish, star in a cable TV show that has been picked up for a second season.

SNOHOMISH — The HGTV show “Unsellable Houses,” set in Snohomish County, has been picked up for a second season and is scheduled for 13 episodes.
“Unsellable Houses” stars real estate agents Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis, twin sisters from Snohomish. 
“We’re not the typical agents that just sign papers, list your house for sale and just wait for an offer to come in,” Lyndsay said.
In each episode, the sisters assist Snohomish County homeowners in their quest to sell their unsellable home; in fact, of the 11 homes featured on the first season, 10 of them have been within 10 miles of Snohomish, according to Lyndsay.  
The show features the sisters updating properties to make them better suited for the housing market.  
According to Lyndsay, the sisters invest their own money into each property, attempting to sell the home for a higher price than the homeowners originally expected.
The release date for season two of “Unsellable Houses” has yet to be determined because of coronavirus-related difficulties. 
“We really truly are ‘people-people’,” Leslie said. “We love being with our clients, we love interacting.”
With the current restrictions in place, showing a for-sale home to clients becomes nearly impossible for a real estate agent, let alone attempting to shoot a TV show in the process.
Despite the undetermined release date, preparations for season two have already been underway.
“We’ve been working on (season two) as far as selecting the homes and the design work, but the filming is subjective to finding a safe way to do it right now with our state guidelines,” Lyndsay said.
Leslie and Lyndsay were selling homes together long before they had a TV show. As their primary occupation, the sisters own and operate a
real estate brokerage, Lamb Real Estate.
“They say selling/buying real estate can be one of the top five most stressful things that you go through,” Leslie said.  “When we get to help somebody do that, they enjoy it and we take a little bit of that pressure off (them), that’s just really rewarding for us.”
Lyndsay and Leslie’s signature is their ability to make the situation enjoyable for all those involved.
 “We tend to try to make everything super fun when we’re working with clients because it’s a stressful experience, buying and selling a home,” Lyndsay said. “It’s a lot of money involved, a lot of big decisions.”
The sisters’ unique approach, to making buying and selling a home a pleasant experience rather than dreadful, did not go unnoticed.
“High Noon production company found a video that we had made with some of our clients where we drive around in the car and we basically do ‘carpool karaoke’ (while) selling them homes,” Lyndsay said. 
“We feel incredibly lucky that a tiny production company found us and HGTV took a chance on that,” she said.
In addition to the announcement of the second season, the sisters are planning to move their brokerage to First Street. 
“We’ll announce the grand opening here in a couple of months, we’re really excited to be actually located in town,” Leslie said. 
Being raised in the area and residing in the city of Snohomish, Lyndsay and Leslie take pride in representing their community.
“It’s just been really kind of a blessing for us to be able to show off the Pacific Northwest,” Lyndsay said. “A lot of people have reached out to us saying, ‘I grew up in that area,’ or ‘my parents are from that area,’ and to be able to showcase how beautiful it is here and (have) people be able to enjoy that, connect with that, all across the country.”
“We have tons of tons of adventures coming up,” Leslie said. “We’re really excited about everything that we’re going to be doing and really involving the community in it.”



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