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Council authorizes listing historic Culmback as city surplus

EVERETT — The City Council voted 6-0 to authorize listing the Culmback Building as a surplus property on the real estate market among a slate of four properties.
The Wood Creek acreage is not part of the sales list after neighbors vigorously fought the proposed land sale. When this idea was retracted, the city has said it plans to work with neighbors about the 92 acres of forest land.
An appraiser told the city the Culmback Building is worth $2.275 million.
The Culmback, a mid-height brick edifice, sits midblock at 3015 Colby Ave.
On its 64th year of existence, in 1988, the Culmback Building joined the city’s historic register. Its namesake is for confectioner Chris Culmback, whose nephew was past Everett Mayor George Culmback.
The City Council is cautious about selling the Culmback, and is interested in seeing its historic appearance retained.
City officials are prepared to write information on the council’s desire to preserve the facade into the sales materials, city executive director Paul Kaftanski said.
The appraisal report says the highest and best use for the Culmback is to be remodeled, city economic development manager Dan Eernissee said.
“It’s not as a teardown, it’s as a remodeled Culmback Building,” Eernissee said.
Because the Culmback is on the city’s historic register, any significant changes would require additional steps. Demolition would require the city officials authorize removing it from the register first.
The city has sought to sell the Culmback space before: In 2007, the city envisioned selling it to turn the block into a high-rise hotel, the Herald reported at the time. Developers balked.


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