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More activity on First Street Monday night, teen injured in conflict

STORY UPDATE: Two may be charged for incident , July 29 Tribune

SNOHOMISH — Monday night saw a huge gathering people standing at Avenue D and Second Street, while armed people again stood guard along First Street.
Later, some members of the two groups met on First Street, and one local teen required medical aid after being punched.
As a continuation of protesting against injustice to Black people, Black Lives Matter protestors stood from at least as early as 6:30 p.m. to the protest's conclusion at 8:15 p.m. It was formally set to begin at 7:15 p.m. More than 500 people came to this gathering, from headcounts by those who were there. For its conclusion, the group took a knee for nine minutes, Snohomish For Equity's Teresa Rugg said.
The peaceful protest gathered praise on social media. The protest concluded at 8:15 p.m. and organizers told people to go home, Rugg said.

First Street scuffle
After the peaceful protest concluded, a throng of local teenagers who were in the protest marched down First Street. The moms in Snohomish For Equity encouraged them not to go. A video from an individual in that march seen by the Tribune showed a confrontation that ended up with at least one protestor being punched near the 1200 block of First Street (Christa's Sandwichboard / former Twin Eagles Cafe).
In the video, a man with a visible open-carry pistol was caught up in the sea of the group, and after being bumped by a passing protestor, he decided to kick the back shin of that protestor, who appeared to be a female**. Someone yells "(expletive) I'll kill you!" -- it is unclear if the two events are connected -- and a person charged back toward that man looking to confront and attempted a punch. Then, a separate man, in a gray camouflage sweatshirt, in response advanced at the protestors and punched a high school senior standing in his path in the face, knocking him to the ground. The senior had his hands up and not responding before being punched. That senior was taken to get medical care, Rugg said. The man in the gray camouflage sweatshirt advanced down First Street to confront protestors. The video pans away as the man in the sweatshirt pulled a fist. Some protestors scattered and ran away.
Three people were caught in a doorway of a bridal clothing shop in a scuffle on the ground. Quickly, one man called to stop.
Later, the video indicates some people stayed back where there was more conflict. The videographer continued in the march. 

** -- Correction, July 28: The police report showed that this person is a long-haired male.

Here is the video from Facebook (Ashley Cope video):

Or click here if the video does not load.


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