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Monroe School Board member Jerry Martin resigns in light of widespread video

MONROE — School board member Jerry Martin resigned Wednesday after a video showing him not getting involved over his teen's use of derogatory and racial words led to social condemnation.
Teenage girls on a cheerleading team confronted Martin's daughter and a friend of hers over their use of the N-word and for disparaging people with disabilities.
Martin stood behind on the porch while the conversation happened.
After the teens went inside, Martin came back out to the group.
"I've had numerous conversations about them not saying the word," Martin told the group.
(His daughter) "has friends from all aspects of life," and he's been trying to tell his daughter the word is not OK, he told the group in the video.
Martin faced calls to resign after the video surfaced in social media.
In part of a statement Martin posted June 2 within a social media group, he said: "I do not condone, in any way, her using this language."
He added: "After needing to take my family and flee our home due to hate messages and threats, I have a new perspective for how hate affects people’s lives. The pain and suffering that my family has endured over the past few days does not compare to what others have dealt with for years. I am determined that I need to get better educated and involved regarding inequalities in our district to become a better community member."
"My daughter and I are truly sorry that our actions hurt others. It was never our intent."
School Board President Jim Langston said in a statement: "I want to reiterate that the District does not, and will not, stand-by acts, messages, or tolerance of inequality from its students or its employees. Further, the District hopes to facilitate a renewed discussion moving forward of race and equality issues in the context of the education of all our young people. We must make our community stronger and embrace this opportunity for true dialogue and growth."
Martin was elected to the school board in 2017.
The board will appoint a replacement to fill his seat. Setting the appointment process will be discussed at the June 8 board meeting, district spokeswoman Tamara Krache said.
The school board is segmented by districts. Martin represented District 5 in the southwest area of the district, which includes the prison.




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