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Boeing suspending production plant operations for 14 days

EVERETT — On Monday, March 23, The Boeing Co. announced a temporary 14-day suspension of Puget Sound and Moses Lake operations, with operations being slowed down and reduced and the suspension anticipated to be completed by the end of this week, the company said.
Boeing said in a news release: “Puget Sound area-based employees who can work from home will continue to do so. Those who cannot work remotely will receive paid leave for the initial 10 working days of the suspension — double the company policy — which will provide coverage for the 14 calendar day suspension period.” The IAM District 751 machinists union affirmed the company would give 10 days of pay.
The suspension announcement came a day after a worker in Boeing’s Everett factory died from COVID-19, according to employees and the union. He reportedly worked as a 787 Dreamliner inspector on first shift.
Some Boeing employees wanted factories to close after seeing COVID-19 cases surface among co-workers.
“It’s like a petri dish” there with so many workers, a reporter overheard a Boeing worker say in discussing fears she might get infected at work.
Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin thanked Boeing for closing production in a statement: “In light of the state of emergency, I am grateful to Boeing for making what I know was not an easy decision to temporarily suspend operations at its Puget Sound area facilities. Throughout the past few weeks they’ve made considerable efforts to ensure the safety and hygiene of their production facilities.”
Boeing’s CEO David Calhoun said the company will continue to work closely with public health officials.



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