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Everett's proposed changes to city scooter riding laws would mean no helmet required

EVERETT — The city intends to adjust its rulebook on electric-scooter riders to match its bicycle regulations this spring.
The proposed change would let scooters ride on sidewalks everywhere except in downtown, where they are expected to stay on the street. Current city law tells scooter riders to only ride on the roads.
Another change would mean scooter riders wouldn’t be required to wear a helmet, which is the same choice for bike-riding adults.
A third change sets the speed limit at 15 miles per hour for scooters unless the rider’s using a bicycle lane. In a bike lane, it is 30 mph.
The City Council is scheduled to vote at its Wednesday, March 25 meeting on whether or not to amend the rules. It is the once-a-month daytime meeting to be held at 12:30 p.m.
When the city arranged a pilot program with an e-scooter rental program last year, helmets were mandatory, although officials noted seeing many people riding without one.
The city will work with the scooter vendor, Lime, to be sure riders are advised to wear a helmet, said Julio Cortes, a city communications official.
He said downtown streets will be marked for scooter use, and said the city hopes Lime would pay for it.
About one in five Washingtonians have ridden an e-scooter, according to a recent poll by PEMCO Insurance that asked 578 Seattle metro residents. About half of those surveyed said e-scooters are safe to have around when mixed in with pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
The revised rulebook does not affect riders of electric-assisted bicycles, motor scooters or mopeds.





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