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Parking fines increased for downtown Everett

EVERETT — It will cost more to overrun parking limits in the city.
A change doubles parking tickets from $20 to $40. Accumulate three tickets in a year and the fine is $50; six tickets in a year will cost $70 for the sixth ticket and every ticket thereafter. The $40 fine also applies to unauthorized alley parking. Parking in fire lanes and disabled parking spots carry heftier fines.
Parking fines haven’t changed since 2009.
The city doesn’t use meters, but does have parking enforcers roving the downtown core. The city’s free parking spots are marked between 30 minutes to two hours, and almost 75 percent of downtown’s stalls are for 90 minutes.
The main purpose behind time limits is to keep spaces rotating for shoppers visiting downtown. The city has continually struggled with people who work and live downtown taking up parking on the street for hours.
Downtown has about 1,800 on-street parking spaces and 6,400 off-street spaces.
Consultants who wrote a 2015 parking study for the city estimated that 650 to 700 individuals were employees and business owners “gaming the system” by swapping spaces during the day to evade being ticketed. Approximately 360 cars were being moved around downtown from place to place in the sample data.
The city calculates the increased parking ticket prices will bring in about $125,000 more a year than right now, but the labor costs result in just a small net revenue increase. The city’s squad of seven parking enforcers wrote 18,931 tickets during 2017.
The City Council approved the fee increases 5-0 last week. Councilman Jeff Moore and Councilwoman Brenda Stonecipher were absent.



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