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Freshest officers for Monroe Police have family in the force

Monroe Police Department’s freshest officers Bradey Pettit (left) and Hannah Snavely converse while the two were participating in this year’s National Night Out event at Monroe’s Lake Tye Park on Tuesday, Aug. 7.

MONROE — Residents may notice a new face on patrol as they finish work for the evening. The new officer working second shift is Bradey Pettit, who was sworn in to the Monroe Police Department July 10.
A life of service is nothing new to the policeman.
Pettit hails from the Vancouver, Washington area where he enrolled in a volunteer firefighter program in high school.
Firefighting wasn’t quite the field Pettit’s family expected him to follow: his father is a 25-year police veteran.
“Actually, I told them I wanted to be a firefighter, I never wanted to be police,” Pettit said with just a little chagrin.
While Pettit was originally steadfast about his choice, a stint in the National Guard Military Police proved compelling.
Pettit realized that he was drawn to a career where he could be more proactive, going out on patrol rather than solely responding to calls.
Before long he was engaged in a methodical search for a police department with a community policing focus and that led him to Monroe.
While he was quickly accepted into the department, he did have to face the jokes from family for changing course.
His father didn’t seem surprised though: “He just told me that he knew that was the career I’d chose,” Pettit said.
Petit, who recently finished police academy training, said the greatest takeaway was actually stress management. Going into “very stressful situations, to be calm under pressure is one thing that can get a lot of people tangled up.”
Pettit’s been steadily learning his way around town and attending events like “Coffee with a Cop,” which he enjoyed.
“Every day is kind of different and I’m never stuck with the exact same routine.
It’s pretty much exactly what I expected,” Pettit said contentedly.
Pettit joins new Officer Hannah Snavely, who also was sworn in July 10. Her family also has a background in law enforcement.



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