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Primary elections results and candidate reactions

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — First night election results are in.
In Everett, City Councilwoman Ethel McNeal is behind her two challengers, Tyler Rourke and Liz Vogeli, by a notable gap.

In the 39th, sole Democrat Claus Joens will face either incumbent Sen. Keith Wagoner or Elizabeth Scott in a head-to-head battle. In a close race for the remaining seat, Republican Wagoner narrowly leads his intraparty challenger Scott.
For the state Representative's seat being vacated by Dan Kristiansen, Republican Robert Sutherland and Democrat Ivan Lewis lead over Republican Randy Hayden.

Longtime PUD commissioner Kathy Vaughn faces tight competition from two competitors in her bid for re-election; meanwhile appointee commissioner Sid Logan is nearly even to competitor Mary Rollins of Everett with Bruce King close behind the two.

In the 44th, Democrat Jared Mead leads over incumbent Republican Mark Harmsworth in first-night results but both will advance. Sen. Steve Hobbs (D) leads over Doug Roulstone (R); Rep. John Lovick (D) leads over Jeff Sax (R). Each will advance.

The candidates react
In the 39th, incumbent state Sen. Keith Wagoner (R) is looking to size up his competition but said he is confident if he makes it through the primary he will be victorious in November. Next on the agenda is full time legislating, but he appreciates that the work takes him out in the community which aids the campaign, as does the ability to say “I’m the senator,” Wagoner said.
Former state Rep. Elizabeth Scott, also a Republican, said on first-night results that she is cautiously optimistic and trusts the voters' judgement. Right now she trails the top two seats, but is close behind Wagoner.
Both split the vote behind Claus Joens, who is handily capturing the Democratic vote as the sole Democrat. Joens has 38 percent of the overall vote in first-night results. Joens did not immediately return a call for comment.
Independent candidate Jamal Rabieh was feeling well with a little under 5 percent of the vote right now. Though he knew he was an underdog, he said “I had no illusions of grandeur,” and he said he succeeded in his goal of making good connections. He has an endorsement in mind and has talked with each of his competitors recently, but is waiting to confirm their position and approach on water rights before officially announcing that endorsement. Rabieh said he plans to consider working on water rights post election, in close cooperation with the successful candidates.

In the race for state Representative, first-night results suggest the top two to advance to the general election may be squared away: Ivan Lewis and Robert Sutherland.
Capturing nearly 49 percent of the early vote, Ivan Lewis (D) said he was feeling fantastic an hour after polls closed. He praised voters for turning out, making themselves heard and showing such enthusiasm and a “huge interest in democracy.” Lewis plans to get right back to knocking on doors as the campaign continues in response to “constituents in the 39th who are hungry and ready for representation that focuses on families, family wage jobs and putting people first over the party and special interests.”
Robert Sutherland (R) said he, his family and friends sitting with him were “elated,” and very much encouraged by the results. Sutherland said he’d spent the last eight months focusing on the primary but starting the next day, he would start “doing what I do again” to prepare for the general election, including taking a lot of notes and writing a lot of goals now that he knows the field. Sutherland holds
Randy Hayden (R) captured 13 percent of the vote. Hayden said Tuesday evening he would not have a statement until Wednesday.

Election numbers

Elections 2018

Tallies as of count released at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 7

Everett City Council race
Tyler Rourke    42.43% - 4,235 votes
Liz Vogeli     32.83 % - 3,276 votes
Ethel McNeal    23.56 % - 2,351 votes

39th District Senator race
Claus Joens - D         40.7% - 6,950 votes
Keith Wagoner - R     29.07 % - 4,993 votes incumbent
Elizabeth Scott - R    25.78 % - 4,428 votes
Jamal Rabieh - Ind.    4.7 % - 803 votes
Combined Republican candidates: 9,421 votes

39th District Representative race
Ivan Lewis - D                48.39% - 8,140 votes
Robert J. Sutherland - R    38.44% - 6,466 votes
Randy J Hayden - R         13.18% - 2,217 votes
Combined Republican candidates: 8,683 votes

* The 39th District includes parts of Snohomish, Skagit and King counties.

PUD Commissioner Seat 1 race
Mary Rollins    31 % - 8226 votes
Sidney (Sid) Logan    30.9 % - 8195 votes
Bruce King    26 % -6933 votes
Sam Buchanan     11 % -2938 votes

PUD Commissioner Seat 2 race, top 3
Rebecca Wolfe    29.95 % - 8491 votes
(Kathy) Vaughn    29.03 % - 8231 votes incumbent
David Chan    28.15 % -7985 votes

Splits in the 44th District:
44th Rep.: Jared Mead - D: 45% //// Mark Harmsworth - R, incumbent: 45%
44th Rep.: John Lovick - D, incumbent: 58% /// Jeff Sax - R: 41%
44th Sen.: Steve Hobbs - D, incumbent: 56% //// Doug Roulstone - R: 40% /// Jeremy Fitch - L: 3%

Number of ballots in county counted to date across county: about xxxxx



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