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Flowing Lake Park to receive
additional parking, development

SNOHOMISH — Snohomish County’s Flowing Lake Park will receive a $2 million facelift next year to make the multipurpose playground easier to navigate.
The park will celebrate 50 years of county ownership with a new two-lane entryway, new park ranger station and more parking.
The current entrance to the popular northeast Snohomish venue is only one lane. At peak times, it backs up onto 48th Street SE, causing problems for neighbors said principal park planner Sharon Swan.
The revamp will create two entrance lanes. Park users can then choose to pay using a fee machine or pull up to a ranger station to pay, get a parking pass and ask any questions.
That’s not possible now, with the aging ranger station set off from the main entrance, Swan said. The new structure, unlike the current one, will also be ADA accessible.
Right now, “it’s a little confusing when you first come up the drive, a spaghetti system of roadways, (the update) will make it like one big roundabout,” Swan said.
The park expects to receive a $500,000 state grant toward the improvements, Swan said. Funding for the other 75 percent of the project should be sorted by November.
Construction is expected to begin in September 2019.
The improvements follow the addition of 10 new campsites. The sites helped meet growing demand at the park, which was so busy rangers had to close the gates at least twice last season, Swan
Flowing Lake will also net a new stormwater system, where polluted roadway runoff will be captured in a vault and treated before being discharged. The system will supplant an outdated, low tech culvert system.
The changes are just the beginning of an extensive project to develop 157 acres of land the county bought in 2014.
The addition grew the park from 38 to 195 acres.
Planning what to build on the massive tract and how to pay for it probably won’t begin until 2021, Swan said.
The comprehensive upgrade will involve developing the new acreage but also renovating the existing park, updating pathways and improving lake access.
Flowing Lake lies in the middle of the Three Lakes chain, between Storm Lake and Panther Lake. It’s one of few parks in the region that allows water skiing and motorized boats, plus fishing and guided nature walks.
The property was formerly owned by the Leckie family, after whom the beach is named. The Leckies operated a resort there from 1925 until 1960. A Conservation Futures grant enabled the county to purchase the additional 157 acres in 2014.
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