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Cascade High teacher in sex lawsuits resigns

EVERETT — Craig Verver, the Cascade High School teacher who was embroiled into two lawsuits, is no longer working for the school district.
His last day formally was June 19.
However, he had been out of the classroom for almost two years on paid leave shortly after a former student filed a lawsuit alleging sexual abuse in the early 2000s. Verver has consistently denied any inappropriate relationship with either student, the school district’s attorney told media previously.
By law, his denials granted Verver paid leave at the district.
He netted approximately $200,000 in salary and benefits during the 18 months he was on paid leave.
A judge dismissed one of the two lawsuits against Verver and the school district in January because the statute of limitations had expired. That lawsuit filed in September 2016 alleges that Verver was grooming a student that culminated in a sexual relationship after she turned 18 and the school district should have intervened. It led to a seven-year relationship. Verver acknowledges he had sex with the woman. The statue of limitations applied because the former student filed her lawsuit almost 15 years after the sexual relationship began.
The second lawsuit accuses Verver of grooming a student while she was a high school senior, and that they began a sexual relationship after she graduated.
Meanwhile, a state investigation on Verver’s teaching certification opened last year remains open, said a spokesman for the state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Superintendent Gary Cohn initiated the report to OSPI.
Verver, who taught advanced placement English, filed his resignation in February.



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