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Future Everett Y pool to have open access for city residents
City Council set to vote on partnership with the YMCA

EVERETT — Another puzzle piece for allowing city residents to use the YMCA’s future pool without a Y membership is being put in place soon.
The City Council will vote May 9 to formalize a partnership agreement between the city and the YMCA.
The city in 2016 began discussing the possibility of arranging public access to the future YMCA site, located at 4730 Colby Ave. Currently, the blueprints for the project consist of 1.15 acres total, including the main building, two pools, a park, a garden, and a walking trail.
Paul Kaftanski, an executive director for the city, informed the council members last week that the current plan is to have the new facility ready by Dec. 31, 2020, with the groundbreaking ceremony early next month. The city and YMCA have agreed that because there are .96 acres being donated, Everett will be responsible for the park’s design, construction and maintenance. The agreement states that the park will be named through City Council protocol. Any parking permits for the park would be done by the city as well.
Pool usage was a large part of the discussion on the agreement. According to the agreement, Everett residents will have 25 years of access to the YMCA pools from opening day onward for the facilities. 
The agreement also states that proceeds from YMCA members will go to the YMCA, while proceeds from Everett non-member residents will be given back to the city. Pricing will be competitively set, but ultimately the city will have the final say on how much pricing for residents will be. Pool users will have the option to pay by card at a kiosk, where they state whether or not they are Y members or city residents. If they pay with cash, their answers will be recorded by the desk attendant.
Council members had a few questions about the proposed agreement, such as how many Everett residents are already members of the Y, seeing as entrance fees will be divided between the two. Kaftanski was not sure of this number.
The entrance fees will not be officially determined until 2019,
according to Kaftanksi. 
Another question from council was what the projections for pool usage by Everett residents would be, to which Kaftanski and YMCA vice president Ted Wenta responded that while making large forecasts for attendance is difficult, one of their aims is to attract community members who may have gone to another city to use their pools. Wenta acknowledged that there was “a lot of shared risk as well as shared reward” when deciding on the terms of the partnership agreement.
The estimated cost for this project sits at approximately $2.2 million, and the city will find out later this year if it will receive a $500,000 grant it requested for the project.


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