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Hill Park trespassers prompt new measures

SNOHOMISH — Hill Park, a normally peaceful spot, has been plagued in recent months by unwanted visitors. Now, the police and parks departments are using some unique tactics to deter nighttime trespassers.
Officers have responded to 34 calls in the past three months, including six to 911, wrote Sergeant Mike Martin in an email.
During that period, deputies conducted 16 security checks and responded to 13 complaints of suspicious activity, as well as one assault and one malicious mischief complaint at the park, Martin said.
“High school age kids, and some older, are driving fast through the parking lot and spinning donuts in the grass areas making a big mess,” said city services manager Mike Johnson.
The parks department installed 13 tons of boulders, $400 worth, to separate the grass area from the parking lot and make it hard to spin around, Johnson said in an email. They also put in speed bumps.
Police have stepped up patrols at the park and verbally trespassed several people in vehicles. Most recently, three individuals were trespassed Wednesday, Jan. 24.
While Johnson says all the city’s large parks occasionally contend with unwanted activity, the parks department is taking action at Hill Park to prevent further damage.
Soon the park will have cameras along with warning signs, Johnson said. Police and park rangers will continue patrols, educating park users about operating hours, and criminally trespassing those who don’t heed the rules.
Hill Park’s official open hours are from dawn to dusk.
Suspicious activity can be reported to the Snohomish Police Department’s non-emergency number at 425-407-3999 or online at


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