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Monroe looking to improve more roads in 2018

MONROE — The city has several plans for projects for improving roads for drivers as well as for pedestrians.
Among the plans include improvement projects for the Blueberry Lane/Kelsey Street intersection, sidewalk railway safety crossings at Fryelands Boulevard and 179th Street, and a second phase of extending the sidewalk along Chain Lake Road.
The city is funding the projects with grant money and city dollars. Some of the projects are still partially funded with grants as the city awaits word for more funding from state and federal agencies.
The sidewalk railroad crossings at both Fryelands Boulevard and 179th Street received a $244,500 county grant. For the shared path on the Chain Lake Road project, which will involve extending the concrete sidewalk to Brown Road, the city received $2 million in grants for design, right-of-way acquisition and construction. Over 2017, there were several streets maintenance and overlays down with grants and the Transportation Benefit District (TBD) funds.
A handful of the other major projects have a timeline that begin in late 2017 and early 2018 for design, with expected completed construction dates dating a few years from now.
Construction for the sidewalk railroad crossings at both Fryelands Boulevard and 179th Street is expected to start next month and be completed in February.
For the intersection improvement at Blueberry Lane and Kelsey Street, it’s looking like the design phase will happen in 2018 and construction in 2019, if the money can be scraped together via grants and alternate funding sources. The project is estimated to cost $450,000. The city has ideas for relieving the frequent traffic congestion at these spots; a memo on the project states: “Staff are exploring a design that would create a second, northbound lane along Kelsey Street. This lane would begin at North Street and provide a turn pocket for vehicles wanting to turn onto Blueberry Lane, and also additional queuing capacity for left turns at U.S. 2.”
The 191st Avenue SE extension project hasn’t yet been greenlit by the state Department of Transportation (WSDOT). It would help provide a second route to relieve traffic congestion on Chain Lake Road. The idea is to extend 191st Avenue SE south through the U.S. 2 bypass corridor, “including four possible alignments that connected at various locations along Chain Lake Road or to Galaxy Way,” a public works report states. “An open house was conducted in January 2017 to receive public input on the project. The direction given to staff was to pursue a road alignment that best followed the original 191st Avenue SE roadbed, but include a walking path as part of the roadside elements…. WSDOT has given positive response to this project, meaning that the State would be willing to lease their property to the City once they have reviewed and agree to the proposed construction plans. Engineering staff are working with WSDOT to fast-track their lease process ahead of preparing plans and specifications. We anticipate receiving a final draft of the lease agreement sometime in December.”
The estimated design process will be in 2018-2019, with construction possibly occurring in 2020-2021. The overall project would cost $2.5 million.
In other public works projects, the water main replacement projects on Smith Street and a portion of Park Street is expected to begin in March and end in July. The water main replacement for Dickson Road is expected to being in June and end in September; while the water main improvement project adjacent to First Air Field (Monroe Airport) is expected to begin in March and be completed in June.
The full report and projects list can be found at: (link opens in new window)


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