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Don't Drink and Drive

Drunk, Drugs, or High, it’s a DUI

Law enforcement agencies across the state are participating in extra patrols aimed at getting DUI drivers off the roads over this holiday season.
Handcuffs“The Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) funds these extra patrols because we want every family to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones,” said Darrin Grondel, WTSC director. “Unfortunately, we are very aware that deadly traffic crashes can turn holiday dreams into nightmares.”
“We are alarmed at recent increases in traffic deaths involving DUI, especially among drivers who test positive for two or more drugs, or both alcohol and drugs,” said Grondel. “Our agency is charged with examining every detail of every deadly crash. When we look at this data, we have to wonder why we are seeing so many deadly crashes where drivers are mixing drugs and alcohol,” added Grondel.
An example of one such crash occurred on February 28, 2016 at 1:00 a.m. A 28-year-old man was driving under the combined influence of alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. He entered I-5 near Tukwila driving the wrong way. As he traveled around a curve he crashed head-on into another vehicle traveling the correct direction around the same curve. The crash killed the impaired driver and seriously injured the other driver. Test results showed a blood alcohol level of 0.28 percent, 14 nanograms of THC (the psychoactive chemical in marijuana) and a low amount of cocaine. He was unbuckled at the time of the crash.
“Nearly three times as many drivers involved in deadly DUI crashes from 2011-2015 had multiple substances in their bodies as those with only alcohol or a single drug,” said Grondel.
“So as we travel this season, I would like to remind Washingtonians that mixing alcohol, marijuana and other drugs with driving can have devastating consequences. Give the gift of life this holiday season. Talk to your friends and family. Ensure they drive sober or find an alternative ride.”
Agencies from all throughout Snohomish County will be will be teaming up and participating in the extra patrols, with the support of the Snohomish County DUI & Target Zero Task Force.
The Washington Traffic Safety Commission embraces Target Zero—striving to end traffic deaths and serious injuries in Washington by 2030, but we can’t get there without you. Drive Sober and be part of our Target Zero Team. Remember—drunk, drugs or high, it’s a DUI. For more information, visit

Mocktail Recipes

Virgin Mary
This mocktail is a take-off on another very popular cocktail — the bloody mary!
Serves 1
4 ounces tomato juice
1 dash lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
2 drops Tabasco sauce
Fill a large wine glass with ice.
Add tomato juice, then the rest of the ingredients.
Stir and garnish with a wedge of lime.

This recipe provides a non-alcoholic alternative to the Venetian cocktail of the same name.
Serves 1
2 ounces peach nectar, juice or puree
Sparkling apple cider, chilled
Coat the rim of a Champagne glass with flavored sugar.
Pour in the nectar, and slowly add the cider until the glass is full.

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