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Search continues for missing postman

Henry Groeneveld hasn’t been seen since he left home Monday, Dec. 11

SNOHOMISH — As of this paper’s press time, much-loved postman Henry Groeneveld has been missing since Monday, Dec. 11 and the community effort to locate him has been tremendous.
Groeneveld, 63, was last seen around 9:30 a.m. in the 400 block of Union Avenue on Monday, Dec. 11 when he had left his house to walk down to the water; police and family members have speculated where he went, such as the nearby Snohomish and Pilchuck rivers, but searches through those areas have produced no results.
On Thursday, Dec. 14, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office assigned a Major Crimes Unit detective to the case.
Groeneveld’s daughter Liz Dickson opened a social media page dedicated to finding her father.
People were physically searching for Groeneveld and sharing the information on the “Help Find Henry Groeneveld” Facebook page. The searches, hikes, and walks throughout the Snohomish area continued through the weekend.
Dickson continued to post and share informational updates about her father and the areas in town that had been searched by foot and vehicle. There were also drones and horses lent to the search.
Hundreds of people shared and posted on social media about Groeneveld’s disappearance.
The major crimes detective gives Dickson a direct line of communication with police. 
“Snohomish Police searched the areas around the Snohomish and Pilchuck Rivers, including the Avenue D Bridge, railroad trestles, and along First Street,” sheriff’s office spokeswoman Shari Ireton wrote in the Dec. 15 press release. “They also searched near the aquatic center and library.  The Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue helicopter flew along the rivers and searched by air, while the Marine Unit deployed boats to search by water.  Search and Rescue dogs also searched the area. Police have checked surveillance camera footage of area businesses from around the time Groeneveld left his home. There has been no confirmed sightings of Groeneveld since Monday.”
A candlelight vigil was held Friday, Dec. 16 at Dutch Hill Elementary School, where Dickson is PTA president.
She has had to dispel several rumors about Groeneveld: He is not terminally ill, she said, he doesn’t have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. He only has anxiety that he had been managing.
Dickson also indicated her father also may have been struggling with depression due to stress from work. He is a rural postal carrier out of the Snohomish Post Office who regularly worked a route in the Roosevelt and Trombley areas.
Groeneveld is 5 foot 7 inches, 150 pounds with grey hair and blue eyes. He left his home wearing a baseball cap, brown pullover shirt and standard blue US postal service pants.
What people can do to help is to call 911 if one sees him, or to share any information with sheriff’s office detectives. 
Dickson also called for more walking searches in wooded areas, and said as of press time she will keep looking. 


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