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Everett council districts effort to try for next fall’s ballot

EVERETT — The backers of a initiative to restructure the Everett City Council by geographic districts announced plans last week to get onto the November 2018 ballot.
The group Everett Districts Now will host an educational forum and question and answer session on Saturday, Nov. 4 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Children’s Village Conference Center, 14 E. Casino Road, Building A. The group will present information on the history of districts in Everett and host a listening session to hear input from Everett residents.
The group will need enough signatures representing 20 percent of the municipal voter turnout to qualify for the ballot.
The group said it has 3,000 signatures on record right now, and anticipates it will need 1,000 more to meet next year’s presumed 20 percent threshold.
With a mayoral race on the 2017 ballot, it anticipates voter turnout to be around 20,000 votes.
The effort missed collecting a minimum of 8,000 Everett
voter signatures for the 2017 ballot this summer. A last-chance attempt to get on the ballot by City Council authorization was denied as the council voted 5-2 against doing so.
As of 2016, of Everett’s approximately 105,000 residents, 52,000 are registered to vote and a further 25,000 residents are eligible but aren’t registered.


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