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Bar fight in Snohomish left five guys bloodied

SNOHOMISH — A fight between five men in their mid-20s occurred the night of Sept. 17 inside the Snazzy Badger Pub on First Street, resulting in cuts from beer bottles, bloody pool tables and an assault charge.
No one was seriously injured in the incident, where the men were breaking bottles and cutting each other during the scuffle as friends tried to break it up.
The Snazzy Badger’s on-shift bartender reported the fight to 911.
Police were unclear on who threw the first punch, but what is clear is it began with one man talking to another man’s girlfriend while playing pool, then a fight broke out and friends jumped in trying to separate the two.
Deputy Jon Barnett was the investigating officer. Barnett interviewed all five men, the girlfriend and the
bartender to try to piece together what happened. Barnett was told the event began between two groups of people playing pool. A man in one of the two groups started talking to somebody’s girlfriend from the other group. The woman’s boyfriend came and asked what he had said to his girlfriend. Suddenly, the boyfriend was tackled and pinned to a pillar by a friend of the first man; this friend was wearing a Seattle Seahawks jersey. 
There was a scuffle as the friends of the boyfriend and the guy in the jersey went to break up the fight, when, the boyfriend hit the guy wearing the jersey with a beer bottle to get him off of him.
It isn’t clear who hit whom first, or who started the confrontation, according to Barnett’s initial report.
Neither of the two men who started to fight wanted to press charges. A third man who helped separate the fighters and was punched in the face by the guy wearing the jersey did press charges. The guy in the jersey, from Everett, was charged with fourth-degree assault, a misdemeanor.
According to probable cause documents, the third guy who was punched in the face was hit by the man in the
jersey with no provocation, after the initial fight had been stopped. 
“I was able to keep (him) calm enough to not retaliate. And shortly after the police showed up,” the bartender’s statement read regarding the unprovoked punch.
The bartender also provided a written statement to Barnett about how she saw the fight begin. 
“I saw the start of the altercation, the male in the (Seattle Seahawks) jersey lunged at the male in the white shirt. The friends of each male came in to break them apart, all slamming into the wall/pillar…” the on-shift bartender wrote in her statement to police. “The male in the white shirt grabbed an empty beer glass and broke it into the male in the jersey’s face.”
When Barnett and Snohomish Sgt. Jason Toner arrived, Barnett wrote that he saw three men standing outside arguing. Each of the three men had blood on them and torn clothing. Barnett also observed two more men inside the bar, also wearing bloody and torn clothing.
At the end of it all, the main suspect, the Everett man in the Seahawks jersey, made an off-handed comment: “You get what you get coming. I probably shouldn’t have been acting the way I did.”
Security footage from the incident was not made available to police by the pub’s owner, who had told police the monitor was broken but the incident may have been recorded. Damage to the pool tables’ felt surfaces from the blood were estimated to cost $700. 


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