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Teens steal two ‘gators’ from SHS, take joy ride

SNOHOMISH — Police are questioning some local teenagers about their involvement with the theft — and joy ride — of two Snohomish High School-owned “gator” utility vehicles last weekend.
Police Chief John Flood said the teens took the utility vehicles from an unlocked storage area on the high school grounds, drove them through the streets of Snohomish, and then left the vehicles at the boat launch on Lincoln Avenue. The vehicles were not damaged, Flood said.
Police had responded on July 21 to the reported incident and were investigating it as a burglary.
They were able to narrow down the suspect list.
“They’re singing their songs right now, and we’re just trying to see if it’s the right words,” Flood said on Friday, July 28. “Once we can determine if these persons of interest are the ones, then we’ll be able to bring charges forward for the burglary.”
On that same night, July 21, there was a post on the Nextdoor Snohomish app news feed regarding vandalism at the high school, but Flood said the police were not aware of the vandalism and had been working the gator theft-turned-joy-ride.
The teenagers suspected of the burglary were not named in the case because they may be minors.
As of press time, police had not yet concluded the case or pressed any charges.


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