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Drive-by shooting, car arson in Snohomish targeted house

SNOHOMISH — Five teenaged boys from Snohomish and Everett were arrested after a drive-by shooting early July 7 in northeast Snohomish and a related July 6 arson where fireworks were used to burn up a car.
The teens’ court appearances were expected to take place this week. The court documents connected to the case would not be available by press time.
Both incidents targeted a house in the 400 block of 22nd Street, northeast of Blackmans Lake in Snohomish.
A neighboring house was also hit in the drive-by shooting. No injuries were reported.
The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said a 17-year-old Snohomish male is the primary suspect, and he’s also suspected of shooting fireworks into a car in a late-night arson on July 6.
The victims spoke with the Tribune on the condition of anonymity.
“It’s extremely scary — this is not a bad neighborhood, we’ve never had any problems, and when this all happened, the first night and the next night, we just didn’t know what to think. It’s tough to be uncomfortable in your own home,” said the man whose home was targeted. “But, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, their detectives, specifically Detective Johnson, were on top of their game and they’re really the miracle workers here.”
The man and his wife have three children. 
Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Shari Ireton said the incidents are not considered gang-related activity. 
The man said he heard the bullets come buzzing, hitting his fence and shed. One bullet pierced the shed panels and hit the neighbor’s house behind it, nearly missing the people inside sleeping in their beds.
That bullet may have come from what Sheriffs Office officials reported was an assault-style rifle. Police found an assault-style rifle and spent casings inside the car carrying the teens. Police also took a semi-automatic 9mm pistol from the prime suspect.
Just after midnight on July 6, Snohomish Police were dispatched to a report of a car arson in the 400 block of 22nd Street. It was reported that someone had broken out the window of the car and threw fireworks inside and caused the car to catch fire. The entire interior of the 1980s Cadillac was destroyed by the flames.
“We went out to the car and saw it just engulfed in flames  — and called the police and were working with them because we just didn’t know what or who (did it),” the man said. “Then less than 24 hours later — they shot at us, and hit my neighbor’s house too, one bullet was even found in the bedpost of their bed. These kids — they seem to have no value for life or for reason.”
Snohomish Police and sheriff’s office detectives investigated the crime and developed probable cause to arrest a 17-year-old Snohomish male for arson, the press release said.
Deputies went to that suspect’s house to run surveillance the following night. 
While they were there, there came several 911 calls reporting a drive-by shooting in the 400 block of 22nd Street —
the same place where the Cadillac was burned the previous night. 
Witnesses said between 10 and 12 shots were fired from a silver car.
Five minutes later, the silver car with five occupants was stopped at the 400 block of Covington Court in Snohomish, near the residence of the 17-year-old arson suspect. 
The suspect’s residence is west of state Route 9 off of Second Street, about 3.5 miles from the victim’s residence.
“In the vehicle, in plain view was an assault-style rifle and spent bullet casings,” Ireton said in a press release. “In addition to the rifle, deputies recovered a 9mm semi-automatic pistol from the driver, the 17-year-old arson suspect from the previous day. Several bullet casings from a 9mm were recovered at the scene of the drive-by shooting. The primary location where the drive-by took place had several bullet strikes on vehicles and buildings associated with the residence.”
A motive had not yet been established, and Ireton said all five teens had retained lawyers. 
“This is a family neighborhood,” the man said. “We’re really lucky because we have a group of really nice
neighbors who came to our aid, and it’s a great community. Then you have a couple of bad eggs come in here and shoot at houses — and for what? Again, no value for life or for reason.”
Mayor Tom Hamilton said in reaction to the incident that “In terms of community, this could really happen anywhere at anytime — but what’s important to focus on is the community and being connected.”
Detectives developed probable cause to arrest and charge the five teens on the morning of July 7.
The 17-year-old Snohomish teen was charged with first degree drive-by shooting and assault, and second-degree arson.
The four other teens were two 18-year-old men
from Everett, a 17-year-old from Everett and an 18-year-old Snohomish man. All four were charged with first-degree drive-by shooting and assault, the Sheriff’s Office reported.



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