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Latest Harvey Field plans to be revealed on June 15

SNOHOMISH — Harvey Field will host a community meeting Thursday, June 15 to discuss and share updates on the airport’s master plan with the public.
The last public meeting specifically about the privately owned airport’s master plan was a little more than two years ago.
At the open house, airport president and CEO Kandace Harvey said by email that “there will be discussion stations set up in specific locations about the room staffed by members of the master plan team to further address explicit topics of concern and interest such as road and runway alternatives, noise, hydraulic and flood concerns, runway use by aircraft category and type, and project cost funding mechanisms.”
Since 2014, Harvey Field has been exploring options for updating its master plan to accommodate the airplanes that utilize the airport and also looking at options to possibly expand the airport.
“We have been working hard to ensure that the master plan is a viable and acceptable plan for not only Harvey Field, but also for the community, the county, and the FAA. Our effort has been focused on developing alternatives that meet local regulations, environmental standards, and FAA safety and design standards,” Harvey said. “We believe we have achieved that objective and look forward to sharing our results with our Technical Committees, the Planning Advisory Committee, and the community on June 15th.”
According to noise technical committee member Thom Peters, the meeting will go over master plan information focused on compliance with the FAA and Snohomish County.
Some items the master plan involves are issues with noise complaints and noise abatement, flood plains near the airport, and a short runway for flight and landing patterns. Aircraft have to fly over a fence and Airport Road during the landing approach to land at the field’s runways. There’s no control tower.
Peters shared the letter sent out to noise committee members in a post on social media: “Over the past year, we have been working with Snohomish County and the FAA to understand and apply community planning standards in accordance with FAA standards. This effort has enabled us to develop alternatives and baseline information we are ready to share with” the public.
The meeting will be Thursday, June 15 at 5:30 p.m. at Hangar 15 west of the airport office.


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