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Naval Academy-bound senior aiming for the stars

SNOHOMISH — Snohomish’s own Peter Faber, 18, like any senior on the cusp of graduating from high school, has dreams.
In his case, he is already navigating those dreams to plans, starting with a clear course set for the U.S. Naval Academy, then military service, then, quite possibly, the stars.
Faber, who is the company executive officer for the Snohomish MCJROTC — in other words the second-ranking cadet, ships out to report to the Naval Academy on June 29. It’s with great relief, but also excitement and preparedness, that he is going to the very place he set out to go early in his high school career.
Faber wants to be an astronaut. He wants to journey to space, contribute to missions and experience space exploration, like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin or Alan Shepard.
“As a kid, I was fascinated by the moon landing, NASA, and Neil Armstrong,” Faber said. “So I traced back the roots of several (U.S.) astronauts, and most of them graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy. Whatever those astronauts had, they seem to have gotten it from there.”
Plus, hard work, he added. Lots of it. But Faber is undaunted by the notion of working hard to reach a goal; in fact, he thrives on it.
Not only is he the second-in-command with the Snohomish MCJROTC program, he also has held jobs as a landscaper, attended the Washington Aerospace Scholars summer program, served in the state House of Representatives as a page, and has given hundreds of hours in volunteering for Eagle Scouts, his church, the JROTC color guard and armed drill guard.

Faber is destined for the U.S. Naval Academy.

When he was a high school sophomore, he looked into what it
would take to go to the Naval Academy and with encouragement from his father, also named Peter Faber, set goals and deadlines to get there.
It was a rigorous application process. Faber began the paperwork for his Naval Academy application in June 2016.
“It was a multi-month, multi-stage process,” Faber said. “There was the candidates fitness test, a questionnaire and background evaluation and then applying for the congressional nomination to the academy.”
Faber accomplished the fitness test, which consisted of a mile run, sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, “all the regular stuff,” he said; he took his time and answered the academy’s questionnaire along with two personal essays; and he received an official congressional nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland by U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene of the first Congressional district. All the effort, time, stress and fortitude paid off: Faber received his acceptance notice in January.
After the Naval Academy, he will serve in the U.S. Navy and will aim to become a fighter jet or test pilot, like many astronauts have done in their military careers. Maybe someday, Faber will be
among those listed as Naval Academy graduates-turned-astronauts. The sky is literally the limit.
“I believe that if you believe in it, you can push yourself and get it done,” Faber said. “I can sit here and say ‘yes, I will’ (persevere) and I won’t fail, but I’m sure there will be times I’ll stumble and I want to be firm in my belief that I want to become an astronaut, and I want to let that goal guide me and keep me going. My father has been my biggest influence and he’s been there for me. When I told him what I wanted to do, he didn’t respond with incredulity, like maybe most parents would, he asked me my plan, helped me with school work and setting up a
timeline, we set goals… and throughout the process,he’s been there. He is a source of wisdom and guidance for me and encouraged me to work hard.”
Apart from preparing for the Naval Academy, which includes taking extra fitness and martial arts classes, Faber is focusing on finishing his senior year and saying his goodbyes.
He will leave Snohomish behind, but he wants to come back a


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