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Suspect in May 3 Snohomish sexual assault now in custody

SNOHOMISH —  Police arrested a man suspected for the May 3
sexual assault against a Snohomish woman walking on Bickford Avenue.
Police contacted and arrested the 36-year-old homeless man on May 10. He was booked into jail on probable cause for second-degree rape.
On May 3, around 3:20 a.m., a 22-year-old woman who police say works at a store in Snohomish Station was walking to work for an early shift when the suspect pulled her down to the ground near some shrubbery and pulled off her pants and underwear in an attempt to sexually assault her.
She fought back, kicking the suspect in the face and running away. He followed her but she lost him and flagged down a vehicle to use the driver’s cell phone to call 911.
Police Chief John Flood confirmed last week that detectives obtained high resolution video evidence from one of the nearby businesses’ security cameras of the victim running away. The assault was along Bickford Avenue near the Snohomish Business Park. Flood said the department received numerous tips and were pursuing all leads.

Flood’s self defense safety tips:
Flood said the best way a person can defend themselves against an assault is situational awareness, or being aware of one’s surroundings and to keep one’s hands free.
“In the situation with the victim last week, she was able to fight her attacker off, which is great,” he said. “She fought and she won … do not be afraid to fight back, and don’t ever submit.”
Flood advises to keep a flashlight with you, preferably a larger one in case it needs to be used as a defense weapon.
“Most importantly, have the ability to call 911,” Flood said.


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