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No suspects ID’d yet in suckerpunch
assault outside downtown post office

Update: There are no updates for this story as of Tuesday, May 16

EVERETT — A man who chided a panhandler outside the downtown post office was attacked Thursday, May 4, requiring a brief hospitalization.
Police Chief Dan Templeman condemned the attack before the City Council last week.
“What occurred was completely unacceptable,” the chief said, adding that “this was not an act of aggressive panhandling, this was a felony assault.”
No suspects have been identified or arrested, department spokesman Officer Aaron Snell said Thursday.
The incident started after Rick Pollock, 70, told the panhandling woman something along the lines of, “You know lady, if you got a job, you could get your own money and not need mine.” Words were exchanged.
After finishing up at the post office, when he came out the door the woman began chastising him as he was walking. Then out of nowhere a man punched Pollock in the left side of the head and knocked him out. He had a split lip and bloodied nose from falling to the ground.
A witness intervened and scared off the attacker and the woman. The panhandlers’ mental states are unknown. People familiar with the area believe they recognize the people involved as a man and woman who frequently panhandle at the post office.
Pollock was released from the hospital soon after.
Everett has aggressive panhandling laws that prohibit people from intimidating or blocking others’ paths to badger for money. The rulebook also requires panhandlers to stay
away from bank ATMs and specific other places that could make people uncomfortable. People can call 911 on an aggressive panhandler, Templeman said.
If you have information on the post office incident, contact the police Major Crimes Unit at 425-257-8552.


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