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Blake hits his $13,000 goal

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Blake Haberstetzer, now 13, poses with a $13,000 check to World Concern at the nonprofit’s Shoreline headquarters. The money will help ease Somalia’s drought.

SNOHOMISH — Blake Habersetzer, 13, met his birthday fundraising goal of $13,000 to go toward the Somalian water crisis in the nick of time last week.
Habersetzer, who turned lucky No. 13 on April 24, had been trying to raise $13,000 for his thirteenth birthday to donate to Christian humanitarian organization World Concern, which is aiding the people of Somalia to survive a current water crisis and drought.
Habersetzer was inspired by God, he said, and by fellow World Concern birthday fundraiser victor Mindy Lee Irvine, who a few years ago raised $40,000 for her 40th birthday to help stop child trafficking. Irvine spoke at Habersetzer’s school in January and by February, he was determined to hit his own birthday goal.
With the help of family, school friends and strangers met while asking for donations, Habersetzer hit his birthday goal the night of his 13th birthday. 
At the World Concern headquarters in Shoreline Thursday morning, Habersetzer handed them a huge check as a symbol of his effort amid applause and cheers.
“I am just so thrilled,” said Mikki Running, a donor relations employee with World Concern who has been collecting the funds raised by Habersetzer and friends. “I don’t think, Blake, you doubted this for a second and I just know throughout this whole journey, Blake’s gone past his
goal... he told me, ‘God inspired me to do this.’ He just turned 13 on Monday, and he hit his goal.”
The money raised by Habersetzer will go through World Concern’s Disaster Relief program to aid Somalians by funding refilling their tank reservoirs. 


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