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Snohomish Carnegie Building closed “indefinitely”

The city had tried out using the Carnegie for a council meeting space. During the March 21 council meeting, councilmembers sat at the east wall of the upper level meeting room of the Carnegie building. Public commentators took to the lectern front and center.

SNOHOMISH — The city announced last week it has closed the Carnegie Building to public access “indefinitely.”
The city has put the Carnegie’s remodel plans on hold until it can solve the latest complication: a saturated roof leak on the 1968 annex building.
The city reports that a full replacement and structural repairs could cost $50,000 to $100,000.
“We haven’t spent any money on consultants or on the proposed 2017 project (for repairs) so we found this at a good time,” said city public works director Steve Schuller.
“We knew the annex building had a leak. We didn’t know, until a few weeks ago, that it had what we think is the entire underlayment of its roof saturated in water, which causes leaks.”
The years of small leak repairs on the 1968 annex weren’t enough for the near 50-year-old roof.
The city had roofers come out to the 1968 annex roof to examine it and discovered the saturated underlayment. The underlayment is the waterproofing material installed beneath the roof shingles.
A roof underlayment is commonly known as “felt paper” when a roof is installed.
The city is considering what to do next, Schuller said, so it is holding off on the remodel project for the 1910 building, which was planned and budgeted for this year.
One of the major parts of that project was installing the ADA chair lift on the stairs. Because those stairs lead down into the main entryway, the city doesn’t view it as a feasible project until they know what to do about the leaky 1968 annex building roof.
Because the annex and the original 1910 building share a main floor and entryway, one repair plan cannot proceed without the other.


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