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New senior center director tied to town

SNOHOMISH — The Snohomish Senior Center hired new executive director Sharon Burlison, 53, from a pool of candidates after director Bob Dvorak left to lead Everett’s senior center in November.
Burlison begins March 20.
Her past work includes membership director of the Mill Creek YMCA and running the coffee stand Snoho Mojo. She has raised three children in Snohomish Schools and her husband, Dave, is a longtime salesman at Bickford Ford.
Burlison said she and her husband came to Snohomish 31 years ago because of her husband’s job and they settled into a home on the outskirts of town 25 years ago. She said her involvement with her children as they grew up is what strengthened her ties to Snohomish and its values as a small town; coupled with Dave’s job at Bickford Ford, they remained and built what they have today in their love for Snohomish.
“Bickford’s brought us to Snohomish,” Sharon Burlison said. “We’ve raised all three of our grown children here. What has kept us here is our children.”
For several years, Burlison was a stay-at-home mom and frequent parent volunteer at her children’s schools.
“I constantly remind my children that if it weren’t for them and the things they allowed their dad and I to be a part of, I wouldn’t have been able to partner with businesses, families, and children, schools, the sports, to stay a part of the sports community… volunteering in the classrooms and participating in the parent-teacher groups, and looking back through the years, you never really realize how much you do until you sit and make a list,” Burlison said, adding that because of her volunteering, she made business ties and friendships.
Burlison opened up the Snoho Mojo coffee stand on Second Street in 2002 and operated it for five years.
Her interest in the Snohomish Senior Center began last fall when a friend nominated her for a board position.
When the director position became vacant, she applied. The selection process took months.
“I patiently waited, unsure if I would be the right candidate or a perfect fit or not, and once the posting came out, I thought, ‘this is me,’” Burlison said of the new job.
Senior center board director Carroll Brown said there were more than one dozen job applicants and seven were interviewed by the board.
“Sharon Burlison was selected as the board determined she possessed the skills and attributes that most closely matched what the board was looking for,” Brown wrote in an email.
Burlison said she wants to bring more awareness to the senior center and what it can do to serve the community.
Burlison said she’s a high-energy, happy mom, happy wife and avid golfer. She plans to bring her enthusiasm to the senior center and Snohomish community.

The three past Snohomish Senior Center directors:
- Bob Dvorak: July 2011 to December 2016
- Kim "Kimo" Mosley: January 2010 to 2011
- Karen Charnell: 2004 to December 2009, retired - center's first hired executive director


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