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Snohomish utility rates for 2017 amended

SNOHOMISH — Sewer rates for residents who use a lot of water will go up, but by not nearly as high as what the rates were proposed earlier.
A revised set of sewer rates were approved by the City Council on Dec. 5.
The City Council unanimously approved an amended sewer rate that is 12.7 percent higher for the base rate, and there will be a 2 percent reduction for
the overage penalty rate instead of hitting people
with an earlier proposed 28 percent increase.
The city plans to decrease sewer rates by 10 percent, but for customers with a 5/8-inch size meter, the new amount could mean a 12.7 percent decrease in the base rate, chipping off $34.71 from utility bills. However, if customers go over that base rate amount, there is an overage penalty of $5.78 for every 100 cubic feet. For customers with one-inch meters, the sewer bill drops by $35.80 before overage penalties.
The base rate will be $69.99 for every billing cycle for metered customers with a 5/8-inch meter. Most
residents are on that meter. A senior rate people can apply for with the city will be a base rate at $17.50.
For water rates, there will be a 2.25 percent increase,
which will mean a $1.10 increase on the $49 bill for customers with a 5/8-inch meter, and a $2.86 increase on a $127 base rate bill for customers with a 1-inch meter.
Storm water rates will go up 2 percent, which  amounts to 58 cents more per bill next year.
The city plans to eventually have all of its water piped in from Everett in the coming years and to eventually close its water treatment plant. This move to all-Everett sourced water will save taxpayers money in the long run.
The water in the southern half of the city currently
comes out of the Pilchuck River and the city pays to
keep up the water treatment plant for that water. The northern half of the city receives Everett water. 


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