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Glacier Peak Grizzlies Basketball

Grizzly girls have strong roster this year

Glacier Peak High School has almost doubled in students from 1,054 students in 2009 to 1,820 in 2016. Its rapid growth has propelled the school into the Wesco 4A league, the largest conference in the state.
Girls basketball varsity coach Brian Hill is feeling confident in his team as they’ll be playing against bigger schools this year.
“It doesn’t bug me,” Hill said. “Our school is bigger. Bigger schools are supposed to play
at a different level than a smaller school does. In terms of our league, there aren’t many differences between 3A and 4A. The whole league is really good.”
Glacier Peak will be facing teams that they have not played before. Hill said the team will combat new challenges and overcome them by studying plays and making modifications.
“During the games, we have to pay attention to the things we are struggling with and the things we are having success with. Whether it’s during half time or a time out we have to communicate those corrections to our players so we can have success on the floor,” Hill said.
Along with the league changes, there are more changes happening on the Grizzly team this season.
“We always get turnover in terms of girls,” he said. “We lost five seniors last year so it opened up quite a few spots on the team. It happens every year. It’s always different no matter what. So, we have to make those adjustments, and go from there.”
Some of this year’s key players are senior guards Samantha Fatkin and Paisley Johnson and center Kayla Watkins.
“They are all Division One players, usually a team will have one D1 player and the team will do pretty well, but we have three,” Hill said. “The rest of our squad will be doing pretty good this season too, like Makayla Guerra, Maya McFadden, and Abbie Jouzipaitas.”
The Junior varsity and C-team should be looking good as well this year, with five freshman on the team.
“The freshman this year are very competitive, we have more freshman on the JV team than we have ever kept. They are not tall, but they are fast, and we will use that to our advantage. And the C-team is just a loaded group of kids, and I think it will be one of the better C-teams we’ve had. The future looks bright for our program,” Hill said.
The season starts off with three games on the road beginning Wednesday, Nov. 30 at Stanwood. Their home opener is Friday, Dec 14 against Lake Stevens. All varsity games begin at 7:15 p.m.

Girls Schedule

Nov. 30  @  Stanwood
Dec. 7  @  Lynnwood
Dec. 9  @  Cascade
Dec. 14  vs.   Lake Stevens
Dec. 16  @  Jackson
Dec. 20  vs.  Snohomish
Jan. 4  vs.  Mount Vernon
Jan. 6  vs.  Kamiak
Jan. 11  @  Monroe
Jan. 13  vs.  Mariner
Jan. 18  vs.  Cascade
Jan. 21  @  Lake Stevens
Jan. 25  vs.  Jackson
Jan. 27  @  Mount Vernon
Feb. 1  @  Kamiak
Feb. 3  vs.  Monroe
Feb. 6  @  Mariner

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m.
unless otherwise noted

Boys Schedule

Nov. 29  vs.  Ballard
Dec. 2  @  Snohomish
Dec. 6  vs.  Meadowdale
Dec. 9  vs.  Cascade
Dec. 13  @  Lake Stevens
Dec. 16  vs.  Jackson
Dec. 19  @ Mountain View
(7 p.m.)
Dec. 20  @  Union
Dec. 21  @  Camas (4 p.m.)
Jan. 3  @  Mount Vernon
Jan. 6  @  Kamiak
Jan. 10  vs.  Monroe
Jan. 12  @  Mariner
Jan. 17  @  Cascade
Jan. 20  vs.  Lake Stevens
Jan. 24  @  Jackson
Jan. 27  vs.  Mount Vernon
Jan. 31  vs.  Kamiak
Feb. 3  @  Monroe
Feb. 6  vs.  Mariner

Tipoff is always 7:15 p.m.
unless otherwise noted


Grizzly boys ready for new challengers in 4A division

Boys varsity Coach Brian Hunter is looking forward to a tough, exciting season as the Grizzlies move up to Wesco 4A classification for the first time to face a tough field of large schools.
Hunter began coaching high school basketball 21 years ago, and his current roster of players have been with him since their freshman year, “making the roster a seasoned and experienced one,” he said.
With this new league comes tough opponents.
“All of our league games
will be key games. Moving into the 4A division will be challenging and I expect tough games every night,” Hunter said.
Hunter named some of Glacier Peak’s toughest opponents: “Kamiak,
Monroe, and Jackson will be considered the favorites
going into the season. That said, every team in our league will be a challenge for us.”
Shooting guard and small forward Christopher “Bo” Burns agrees that Kamiak will likely be the team to beat.
“We need to put out maximum effort on every possession,” Burns said.
“The key for us will be maintaining our great team chemistry.”
Burns and center Nick Bates both say the Grizzly team is close and like a family.
Bates and Burns both think the team will get to regionals, and hopefully to the Tacoma Dome for the state championships.
It’s clear Coach Hunter cares about his players. He speaks about the team chemistry and how they play together first before talking about wins and losses.
“What I’m looking forward to the most this season is watching the team grow and evolve,” Hunter said. “This team works as hard as any team I have ever coached. If we stay positive and continue to work hard we will have a successful season.”
The Grizzlies’ next game will be Tuesday, Dec. 2 at 7:15 p.m. against Snohomish at Snohomish High School. Glacier Peak opened its season at home in a nonconference game against Ballard on Tuesday, Nov. 29.

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