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If you experience a large crime and you're willing to tell us everything on-the-record, we're happy to consider finding out more. Contact us at or call 360-568-4121. We're interested to hear about crime trends you've noticed as well.


Mother who left newborn in dumpster located, arrested
On April 28, an anony-mous tip led Everett Police to arrest local high school student Samantha Houston, 18, of Everett for leaving her newborn baby boy in an apartment dumpster the night of March 25.
Houston had been preg-nant while attending school but dropped out for about a month. Upon returning, she was no longer pregnant and refused to talk with friends about what happened.
Detectives confirmed the tip and interviewed Houston, who admitted to giving birth on March 25 and panicking. She said she wrapped the newborn in a towel and walked with him outside. She said she didn’t know what to do and placed the newborn in the dumpster.
Houston was booked into the Snohomish County Jail on charges of abandonment of a dependent person.
The newborn boy was placed in the custody of the state Department of Social and Health Services. He is said to be healthy.

Another person arrested in connection to homicide
On April 29, detectives arrested and booked Christine F. Simpson into Snohomish County Jail on murder and criminal solicitation charges for her role in the murder of David Webster, the man found in a marshy area along the Snohomish River in Everett in March.
According to police, Simpson orchestrated the events that led to Webster’s death and was present during the murder, although she continues to deny this. Simpson is also accused of participating in hiding Webster’s body.
In mid-April, police arrested James Archer in connection to the murder.
Everett Police detectives continued to investigate.
New information revealed that Webster owed Simpson a drug debt and when he refused to pay it, she enlisted the help of her boyfriend Archer to collect the debt. Simpson initially tried to enlist the help of an unnamed person to help her collect the drug debt with Webster but this person refused. It is this event that led to criminal solicitation charges against Simpson.
Simpson was arraigned in Snohomish County Superior Court on Monday, May 2 after press time.


On April 30, a burglary was reported in the 300 block of W. Hill Street resulting in one male getting booked on burglary charges.

On April 27, a car versus bicycle collision was reported in the intersection of N. Kelsey Street and U.S. 2 with no injuries.
On April 29, collisions were reported in the intersection of N. Kelsey Street and Chain Lake Road as a hit-and-run and in the intersection of N. Madison Street and W. Hill Street with no injuries and in the intersection of 179th Avenue SE and U.S. 2 with minor injuries.
On May 1, a collision was reported in the intersection of N. Lewis Street and U.S. 2 as a hit-and-run.

On April 30, a theft was reported in the 19100 block of U.S. 2 and in the 14700 block of Chain Lake Road.

The Snohomish Police Department is unable to generate a blotter at this time


Man shot, killed after breaking into Sultan home
Detectives continue to investigate a fatal shooting that occurred following a break-in at the 13700 block of Woods Lake Road on April 27.
An 80-year-old woman shot the intruder, who had stabbed her 75 year-old husband.
The husband told deputies that he was watching TV when he saw an unknown male on his back porch. He said that the suspect broke down a door to make entry to the home and, when he did, the suspect hit the man on the head and began stabbing him.
The suspect shot was Steven N. Sheppard, a 25-year-old from Gold Bar.
Sheppard was found by arriving deputies collapsed in the doorway of the front room. The homeowners’ adult son was sleeping in another part of the house when the incident occurred.
The 75-year-old male stabbing victim is in serious condition in intensive care at Harborview Regional Medical Center. There were no new updates on his condition at press time.
The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Sheppard was shot multiple times and called the manner of death a homicide.
Detectives from the Major Crimes Unit are investigating the incident and charges, if any, will be recommended to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office when the investigation is complete. No new updates on this incident were available at press time.

Sheriff’s Office employees, volunteers receive annual awards
On Feb. 18, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office awarded more than 60 employees and volunteers for their performances in saving lives, conducting investigations and supporting deputies from the call side.
The following awards were given:

Sheriff’s Award
Detectives Glenn DeWitt and Margaret Ludwig – for their work on the North County Property Crimes Unit
Sgt. John Taylor Supervisor of the Year
Sgt. Dave Sorenson
Patrol Deputy of the Year
Deputy Troy Koster
Corrections Deputy of the Year
Corrections Deputy Ken Anstett
Deputy Joe Ward Detective of the Year
Detective Brad Walvatne
Civilian Employee of the Year
Mary Noland
Clarence Robertson Reserve Deputy of the Year
Reserve Deputy Kurt McGowan
Volunteer of the Year
Fred Mack
Explorer of the Year
Explorer Charles Southward

Life Saving Medal
• Deputy Jacob Navarro – two medals: one for stopping a suicidal man from jumping to his death on I-5 and the other for reviving a man found unconscious and unresponsive at a park
• Deputy Mark Bond – for reviving a man who had overdosed on heroin
• Corrections Sgt. Dan Young, Corrections Deputy Greg Barnett and Corrections Deputy Michael Abbitt  - for saving the life of an inmate who had a seizure
• Sgt. Danny Wikstrom, Joseph Edmark, John Moore and Dr. Dan Weakly – for saving the life of a Search and Rescue Volunteer who had a heart attack during a rescue mission
• Deputy Johnathan Krajcar – who pulled a man and his dog from a burning house in Darrington
Citizen Medal of Valor
· Flight Medic Richard Duncan – for placing himself between a falling boulder and a search and rescue victim during a rescue mission
· Yana Radenska, Everett Mountain Rescue – for her expertise and handling of a complex rescue mission
Certificate of Merit
· Technical Support Specialist Catherine Dooley – for her work to make the launch of New World Systems successful
· Kelly Shaver, SNOPAC – for sending backup to a deputy who was being assaulted during a DUI stop
· Law Enforcement Technicians Debbie Jones, Julie Tinsely and Gayle Wilkerson Tiller – for their assistance and staying calm during a weekend break-in at the County Courthouse
· Deputy Brandon McCullar, Deputy Bryan Brittingham, Deputy Dan Dusevoir, Deputy Chris Marino, Deputy Bryson McGee and Deputy Tim Leo – for rendering aid to a woman stabbed by her grandson and for apprehending him
· Corrections Deputies Andrew Clawson, Joshua Fox, Brittani Gilfeather, Patricia Thomas, Erik Wold and Corrections Sergeant Matthew Mattson – for helping local law enforcement fight crime
· Deputy Randy Murphy, Deputy Bryan Brittingham, Deputy Dan Dusevoir, Deputy Chris Marino, Deputy Bill Binkley and Sgt. Adam Fortney – for their work on shutting down a problem house
Letter of Commendation
· Bret Benzion, Granite Falls Middle School
· Booking Support Officer Pam Kavanagh
· Chief Pilot Bill Quistorf
· Deputy Tom Dalton and Kai Bowers (Fire Protection District #23)
· Corrections Deputy John Reid
· Corrections Deputy James Norris
· Corrections Deputy Stuart Nicholas
· Deputy Arthur Wallin
· Deputy Scott Stich
· Josh Truax and Joel Diaz, Snohomish County Facilities
· Search and Rescue Explorer Emma Loney
· Sgt. Ian Edwards
· Deputy Bryan Brittingham
· Jesse Calliham, Law Enforcement Embedded Social Worker
· Sgt. Ian Huri

The Snohomish Police Department does not currently have a blotter available for local crime. For more information on this, see this story. (Link opens in new window.)

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