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Donald CoccellatoDonald Wayne Coccellato
October 10, 1946 – April 2, 2018

My sweetheart Don, passed away suddenly Monday evening, the 2nd of April. I was following him and watched as he had an apparent heart attack in the vehicle in front of me. He was my first boyfriend in high school, though we were separated for 50 years, until we reunited in 2015. I was so blessed to have this gentle giant of a man in my life for nearly 3 years.
We grew up in the Bay Area of California, but circumstances separated us at the tender age of 17. Don went on to serve in the Air Force in Vietnam, then went on to open several businesses of his own through the years. He had 2 natural children in the 60’s and adopted 3 children in the early 1990’s. You see he adopted his (then) wife’s grandchildren so they would not become wards of the court, and raised them into their mid to late 20’s. As he would say, the information highway put us in touch through a website called We both ended long and tired marriages to venture into a life of our own bringing full circle our journey together here on this earth. He traveled out from back east and we were married in June of 2016.
He is survived by his brothers Rick, Mitch & Barry Coccellato, his birth children, Donald (Cannon) Coccellato, Lisa Marie Rivera, his birth granddaughter Destiny Rivera, step son Bryan Prince, and Bryan’s son Hartley Prince, adopted children Brandon Green (Coccellato), Brandi Coccellato, Brittani Scott, and Brittani’s children Kylie & Aiden Scott, and the Martin family in Oregon, whom he adopted years ago. :) He is also survived by me, his wife, Terrie Forcier-Schmitt.
A military service is scheduled for May 30, 2 p.m. at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, WA.
This man’s presence will be dearly missed as he left imprints on all of our hearts and in our lives, for which we will never be the same…


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