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John BolingOrville (John) Joseph Boling
June 26, 1934 – January 3, 2017

On January 3, 2017, reunited with his beloved parents, Orville and Joey Boling, passing away at his residence of fifty years in Snohomish, Washington.
Survivors include brother James Boling (Sandy), Olympia, WA and sister Karen (Bob) Beerbower, Elma, WA and many fond nieces and nephews.
John was born June 26, 1934 in Elma where he honorably attended and graduated from its high school. Higher education degrees were attained from a combined enrollment at the Universities of Washington and Western Washington (Bachelor of Arts) and Seattle University (Master’s in Education).
Thereafter, prior to joining the faculty at Snohomish High School in 1956, he served in the U.S. Army in its ‘Special Services’ Division (Intelligence), stationed in Washington D.C. area.
During his 38 years at SHS he taught English Composition and Literature. His students will vouch for his exemplary motivating astuteness in his subjects, which enlightened an awareness of the practicality in one’s future life of grammatical correctness and appreciation for the Arts, particularly chosen literary works he assigned and lectured upon in his classroom.
Furthermore he was a devoted, faithful attendee of ‘Panther’ sports events, and to this date he was ever proud of living in Snohomish, where he was fondly nicknamed “Charlie,” rather innocently derived during a poker game with former students. He lent his presence ongoing at class reunions and involvement with many former students’ families, spouses and offspring included.
While a longstanding mem-ber of the Wallingford Metho-dist Church in Seattle, he de-voted countless volunteer hours to both Church committees and to humanity advocate organizations to which it had affiliation and sponsorship. A notable dedication was his Care Giver role for at least five AIDS patients, all of whom he endured their struggles and ultimate deaths.
John relentlessly related to, and accepted human diversity, not only within his classroom enrollments but furthermore in a societal census.
Special persons who survive John are: his caregiver Ron Amisson who dutifully administered his necessary wellness and prescribed health care during this past year’s debilitating confrontation with cancer; and longtime companion, with social, event, mutual friendship presence, and near daily communicative contact, Aldena Maynard, also a teaching colleague.
The following composition, written upon learning of his passing, and this obit, are written by a sixty year close friend. With heartfelt mode and manner he subjectively and objectively wishes to convey an aggregate reflection upon his life. It depicts what fond sentiment, and thereto, what memories shall prevail within our own respective hearts, souls, and minds as we survive our dear friend, associate, colleague, uncle, brother, and humanity patriot.
We will never know will we? Someday maybe we will upon our own demise.
Will not be in the ‘matter’ to which we relate today, being only dust from his cremation escaped into the wind;
Life hereafter one’s last breath remains a surreptitious mystery we all behold and are entranced profoundly;
But in Charlie’s real life there was no suspense as to his grace, congeniality, never abandoning loyalty to his kind and kin;
Despite surging waves at high tide, figuratively washing over his footprints in the sand, those same waves return to the sea;
They will once again, and repetitively, rinse that same beach where those memorable impressions remind us of Him .. always and ever;
Candlelight sheds comforting healing for the heart ... never snuffed, ever flickering,
Will revel Charlie’s instruction for all of Us ---
“Rest in Reason ... Live in Passion ... Love is the beauty of one’s soul”;
He often coined such purpose in life to which he adhered and truly believed,
Hence would wish conveyance to his survivors to inspire themselves by such guidance and direction.
Candlelight, Candlelight ... salute, honor, remember him with kindness and charitable goodwill towards others;
Along with simulating his abundant humor and wit, his patent mode and manner, into a gratuitous savoring of others well being.
TO CHARLIE: ‘Amazing Grace, How Sweet His Sound and Soul” eternally.
A Celebration of Life gather-ing will be held at the Thomas Family Farm (Crossroads of SR-9 and Marshland Road) at 2:00 Sunday, January 29, 2017.
Family requests donations be made to the Snohomish Education Foundation in the name of John Boling, P.O. Box 1312, Snohomish, WA 98291-1312.


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