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Trying a hand at ice sculpting

Doug Ramsay photo

As a small crowd watches, David Ganschow of the PureDry Restoration team used a grinder to carve out a Christmas tree from a block of ice in the ice carving competition as part of the Historic Downtown Snohomish Association’s Winterfest weekend events. People from four companies had their first ever try at ice sculpting during a Saturday, Dec. 10 event on First Street in Snohomish. PureDry's team won the popular vote. Collectively, the companies raised $600 for their selected charities.

City of Snohomish, Fire District 4 working to have joint campus

SNOHOMISH — The city has been working jointly with Fire District 4 to pursue creating a public safety campus that places the Police Department, Fire Department and some city services all in one spot.

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Larry Countryman, an artist and politician, dies

SNOHOMISH — Former City Council member and longtime resident Larry Countryman has died. A look at his life.

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First Street tree removals were needed, but replacements won’t be soon

SNOHOMISH — What's to replace the trees removed along First Street, and how?

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Everett council votes 4-3 in placing Project Labor Agreements mandate upon Everett's big projects

EVERETT — By a 4-3 council vote, the city will use mandatory project labor agreements on major city projects above $5 million. Union tradespeople urged the Everett City Council to cement the new requirement to establish upfront labor agreements on any major city project. The City Council had been asked to pause on deciding anything.

Update: Mayor Cassie Franklin vetoed the ordinance, more next week.

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Boeing’s final 747 marks end of a grand era

EVERETT — The last Boeing 747, rolled out Dec. 6, is on its way of going into service, and the jumbo jet with the unmistakable hump had a distinct role to play for Boeing.
A story on the goodbye, and what's next for Boeing Everett.

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$1 million bail for man accused of causing County Courthouse lockdown

EVERETT — At midday on Monday, an armed man who barricaded himself in the lobby of the County Courthouse, 3000 Rockefeller Ave., prompted an immediate lockdown. Updates through the Tribune's Facebook page:

Maltby neighbors air concerns as development project roars back

MALTBY — A proposed townhome community that’s been revived, currently under county review, is facing strong opposition from area residents.
Snohomish Gardens is a plan for a 196-unit subdivision on 16.91 acres located at 9321 and 9509 Paradise Lake Road, near the intersection at state Route 522.

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Vigil Dec. 21 honors homeless people who died

EVERETT — The county will commemorate the deceased Wednesday, Dec. 21 with a vigil at 5:15 p.m. at the county campus.

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Roosters spared full ban in Everett animal code

EVERETT — Rewritten rules for animal management in Everett now mean roosters are banned unless the owners pay for a facility license, among other changes.

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Past questions reappear at Harvey Field public meeting

SNOHOMISH — The public has plenty of questions on Harvey Field's proposal to expand its airport footprint, which includes relocating Airport Way farther south.

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Unvaxxed firefighter medics sue SRFR district in federal court for back pay

MONROE — Eight unvaccinated firefighters at Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue who were given just the option to go on an unpaid leave of absence unless they got vaccinated have sued the agency in federal court for back pay during their absence and for discrimination because their religious exemptions were not accommodated with regular testing and personal protective equipment (PPE) instead. The district said the firefighters, by being unvaccinated, posed an unmitigated liability if they were working on public medical calls.

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The Grinch makes a hasty retreat

Jim Scolman photo

The Dr. Seuss book character The Grinch came to goof off at people before the start of the annual Chase The Grinch fun run up and down Centennial Trail in Snohomish the morning of Saturday, Dec. 4. We hope those weren't presents he stole.

County’s land buys will let Flowing Lake Park grow

SNOHOMISH — Over the past two years, the county has secured some 82 acres southeast of Flowing Lake Park to hold on to for preservation.

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Monroe searching for cash for north area park

MONROE — It’s now clear Trombley Park isn’t in the running for a $500,000 grant from the state Recreation and Conservation Office. Monroe also applied for a $2 million federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grant.

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Everett Historical Commission calls for respect

EVERETT — A couple of members of the volunteer Historical Commission put Everett's planning director on a hot seat at their Nov. 29 meeting asking why he overruled them on a controversial project on Grand Avenue.

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A drug house rattles residents. How are these dealt with?

SNOHOMISH — Homeowners addressed the City Council recently about a “drug house” disrupting the neighborhood and demanded police act on it.  How are drug houses dealt with by law enforcement?

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Cold weather shelters open when it freezes at night

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — After an abrupt end to a warm early fall, cold weather shelters have been opening up across Snohomish County. The shelters aim to provide comfortable lodging for those who may not have the facilities to withstand the freezing-temperature nights that are becoming more and more frequent. Locations and details inside story.

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Christmas House wants every child in the county to have gifts

EVERETT — From bicycles to electronics and winter clothing, qualifying low-income households can come shop for free gifts for each of their children, from infant to 18 years old, starting Dec. 1.

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Dispute may see The Everett Clinic exit Regence's provider network

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Thousands of residents who have health plans with Regence BlueShield and go to The Everett Clinic, including Boeing employees and K-12 staff whose enrollment windows closed last week, may need to find a new doctor.

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Operation Sky Valley’s programs are keeping community fed

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Operation Sky Valley is a grassroots organization that prepares 2,000 ready-to-go meals for children and seniors from Monroe to Gold Bar.

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Harvey Field proposal relocates, reconfigures Airport Way

SNOHOMISH — Harvey Field is proposing to lengthen its runway to meet FAA compliance. To do that, Airport Way needs to be relocated farther away around the end of the runway. A public meeting is Thursday, December 1.

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New large apartment building proposed in downtown Everett

EVERETT — A proposed 227-apartment complex with ground-floor commercial space would replace most of the block bordered by Pacific Avenue, Rockefeller Avenue, Oakes Avenue and 32nd Street, minus the building at Oakes and Pacific avenues.

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Four who died in plane crash identified

SNOHOMISH — Stories of the lives of the four men who died in the Snohomish plane crash Friday, Nov. 18 are starting to emerge. The plane’s right wing separated in flight mid-air, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) confirmed.Federal investigators have now taken the wreckage for reconstruction to identify the cause of the crash.

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Get to know your neighbors with a watch group

SNOHOMISH — At a town hall in the Carnegie Building last Thursday, Snohomish residents from the city's public safety commission explained the ins and outs of how to set up a neighborhood watch.

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Fatal small plane crash in field between Snohomish and Monroe, officials say wing separated midair

SNOHOMISH — Four people onboard a small plane died when it crashed hard in an unworked farm field between Snohomish and Monroe around 10:20 a.m. Friday, Nov. 18 and went into flames. The plane’s right wing separated in flight mid-air, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) confirmed Monday afternoon.

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What’s desired of Monroe’s next schools leader?

MONROE — The search is on for a new permanent superintendent who will start in fall 2023. A public focus group last week asked what qualities Monroe's next superintendent should possess and challenges they will face, and here's what was said.

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Everett Transit to lengthen hours, modify routes starting in March

EVERETT — Eight city bus routes will undergo service changes and a new bus route will be added in March if the City Council approves a current proposal by Everett Transit.

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Everett Police should expand force to fill gaps

EVERETT — Beyond filling current vacancies, the Everett Police Department should have nine more personnel, and use more civilians in some roles, recommends a consultant hired to study the department’s operations.

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Want to work? Program erases barriers, worries for
disabled adults on SSI and SSDI

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — For people depending on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments, there's a bog of confusion regarding benefits, how to get back to work, how to map a career path, and what to put on a resume. A free program helps assist people on Social Security Insurance and Social Security Disability Insurance in multiple ways.

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Apartment in Everett historic neighborhood zone challenged

EVERETT — The Historical Commission said no. The city planning director overruled and said yes. And the neighbors to a proposed small apartment building along north Grand Avenue’s hillside have been opposed since the very start for multiple reasons beyond demolishing a near-100-year-old house.

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Food banks crunched as economy tightens

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Food banks are facing a new squeeze as they are seeing more clients but have less spending power to buy food with the current situation of inflation. The area's biggest food bank has had to throtte back and ration how often people can visit to get food.

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In Monroe, this house comforts the families of prisoners

MONROE — Matthew House, a nonprofit located near the Monroe prison, ensures families of the incarcerated are taken care of with temporary shelter, food and clothing at the time in their lives when their world's been turned upside down.

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Sultan to use roundabouts to fix U.S. 2 traffic clogs

SULTAN — The city is centering on a plan to gradually widen U.S. 2 to four lanes, and build roundabouts at multiple highway intersections within the city. Three fixes are looking promising in the immediate future. The city will start lobbying Olympia for specific projects in January.

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Paine Field could be designated to grow

EVERETT — A state airports committee is suggesting to either greatly grow services at Everett’s Paine Field in tandem with growth at Sea-Tac Airport or to construct a brand-new airport in either Pierce or Thurston counties. They’re working on deciding which option to put forward to state legislators next year.

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Up for a challenge, a stunt flying duo emerged

ARLINGTON — These two guys are putting on quite a show while doing something they love.

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Religious center’s compatibility debated in Clearview

CLEARVIEW — Dozens of neighbors in Clearview want to have sound controlled from activities at a destination religious assembly facility located on rural land off of State Street. County Hearing Examiner Peter Camp is deciding whether to approve a conditional use permit for the Husaynia Islamic Society of Seattle to upgrade a barn's interior to be a better worship center.

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Legislators will re-file bill to lower state’s drunk-driving limit

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — State Sens. Marko Liias and John Lovick, both of Snohomish County, would like to lower the state’s legal drunk-driving impairment limit to 0.05% blood-alcohol concentration.

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County Council dismisses appeal claiming impropriety in Cathcart development approval

CATHCART — The County Council last week dismissed a land-use appeal crying foul to how county officials approved 286 townhomes at state Route 9 and Cathcart Way. Opponents say the fight's not over. Appellants contend multiple issues of transparency and incompleteness of the environmental review in relation to the county hearing examiner's approval of a private development on county surplus land at Cathcart Way and Highway 9.

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Fentanyl is being added to other drugs more often

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Even drug users who'd never want to touch Fentanyl are being blindsided that somebody blended it in, and a drug testing expert is finding these incidences have skyrocketed.

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Monroe’s drug-sniffing police dog can finally take it easy

MONROE — K-9 Sam's been the department’s narcotics K-9 for five years, paired with Officer Devin Tucker. He could hardly contain himself at his retirement acknowledgement last week.

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City, county will look for sites for new stadium in Everett

EVERETT — A feasibility study began last week for siting a new multipurpose outdoor stadium in Everett.
And if one gets built, the Everett AquaSox minor league baseball team is committing to a 30-year or longer lease to anchor it.

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In a way, he's how Hewitt Avenue got its groove

EVERETT — One could say building rehabilitator Pete Sikov is a secret part of Hewitt Avenue's revival. Through selecting who to rent to, it transformed into a historic arts and culture district. The Hodges Building, smack-dab in the center of downtown, underwent years of restoration after a damaging fire and opened in May. A story of the landowner who has slowly curated whole blocks of downtown.

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A zebra finds a new home in Machias

MACHIAS — How did a zebra end up a woman's ranch? Well, here's the thing...

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Two historic Monroe houses at risk of demolition again

MONROE — The clock is ticking louder today on the historic Buck Houses, and fate will tell if they’re saved.

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Suboxone clinic proposed for downtown Monroe

MONROE — A proposed new site for an addiction clinic in downtown Monroe will also help East County residents with opioid dependence as far away as Index.

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Broadband internet gaps in county to be identified to increase services

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A countywide survey will dig deeper into internet gaps in rural county. Informal surveys show Machias, Three Lakes, and the outskirts north of Monroe, plus the Highway 9 corridor between Lake Stevens and Arlington, are populated areas have internet speeds below broadband standards. Residents in the most outlying pockets might be buying satellite internet services as no internet lines come to them.

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Fixes for 522 bottlenecks are being designed
today, but actual construction timeline hazy

MONROE — Progress is steadily being made behind the scenes to widen the last part of state Route 522 and completely redo the Maltby Road/Paradise Lake Road intersection to get rid of the stoplight.
Finding money to construct it is a known need.

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