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Keeping downtown Monroe clean

Jim Scolman photo

Dorian Adams, center, and Maverick, 5, both of Monroe, scramble to collect litter during last month's monthly cleanup on Saturday, Sept. 24 in downtown Monroe. Dorian's mom Rachel is at left and Maverick's mom Heather Sevier is in the background with her stroller. Sevier, commenting on the cleanup, said, ”I like to clean and it’s good to clean up our community.”

The Monroe Chamber of Commerce began organizing a monthly clean up in downtown. The group meets rain or shine on the last Saturday of every month. They meet at Sharinabean's on Main Street at 10 a.m.

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Fentanyl is being added to other drugs more often

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Even drug users who'd never want to touch Fentanyl are being blindsided that somebody blended it in, and a drug testing expert is finding these incidences have skyrocketed.

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Appeal against Cathcart multi-townhome development continued to Oct. 12 as arguments heard at County Council

CATHCART — The land-use appeal crying foul to how officials approved 286 townhomes at state Route 9 and Cathcart Way, which is being heard by the County Council, may see a decision this week when it's heard Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 10:30 a.m. Appellants contend multiple issues of transparency and incompleteness of the environmental review in relation to the county hearing examiner's approval of a private development on county surplus land at Cathcart Way and Highway 9.

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Mayors’ new collaboration against crime to push state leaders

A bipartisan coalition of city mayors seeking to re-harden some of the state’s police reform laws to help control crime launched last week.
The mayors say some of the laws swept in during 2020, such as prohibitions on police chases, are not working, and instead emboldened criminals.

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Monroe’s drug-sniffing police dog can finally take it easy

MONROE — K-9 Sam's been the department’s narcotics K-9 for five years, paired with Officer Devin Tucker. He could hardly contain himself at his retirement acknowledgement last week.

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Monroe city budget coming up for discussion

MONROE — Mayor Geoffrey Thomas's proposed $198 million 2023-2024 two-year budget adds staff and continues progress on plans framed by the city's six-prong "Imagine Monroe" vision that focuses on people.

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Snohomish budget hearings

SNOHOMISH — Mayor Linda Redmon will release her proposed 2023-24 budget at the Oct. 18 City Council meeting.
Public hearings on the budget are part of the Oct. 18 and Nov. 1 City Council meetings. The City Council meets at 6 p.m. in the Carnegie Building, 105 Cedar Ave.
The Nov. 1 presentation outlines the city’s future major projects. A copy of Redmon’s budget will likely be posted online at by Saturday, Oct. 15 within the packet for the Oct. 18 City Council meeting.

Interstate 5 lane reductions in Everett

EVERETT — Weekend-long lane reductions are coming to Interstate 5 in Everett, starting Friday, Oct. 14.
The freeway will be reduced to two lanes for the entire weekend, which will affect people traveling through the city whether they use Interstate 5 or other routes.
Contractors will be replacing broken concrete panels in the freeway. More of this work will happen in the spring.

Panthers flood the streets

Doug Ramsay photo

Snohomish’s Avenue A was awashed in a sea of red, white and black on Friday, Oct. 7, as the Snohomish High School students and staff paraded through town in the annual Homecoming Serpentine. The annual event has become a tradition at the school as it has been held each homecoming through several generations of students.
Westbound First Street car traffic was controlled from entering the parade route, but not eastbound, leading drivers to turn up Avenue A where they encountered the parade between Second and First streets. Drivers were quickly diverted into a bank’s parking lot and
were forced to wait for the parade to pass.

City, county will look for sites for new stadium in Everett

EVERETT — A feasibility study began last week for siting a new multipurpose outdoor stadium in Everett.
And if one gets built, the Everett AquaSox minor league baseball team is committing to a 30-year or longer lease to anchor it.

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Everett Mall's transformation would cut it up

EVERETT — It might not be readily apparent, but redevelopment of the Everett Mall is underway. A future, second-step plan would slice a big part of the mall to reshape its appearance.

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County, city leaders plead to Sound Transit to not alter future Everett rail route

EVERETT — Sound Transit again got an earful from local leaders against the idea of altering where the future Link light rail line is routed within Everett last week. An idea would cut Paine Field out of the picture. County leaders call foul to that.

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County Council resolution calls out for more youth sports officials and better parent temperment

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Parents and officials cheered a resolution passed at the County Council last week that recognizes the need for more youth sports officials and calls on parents and players to behave with respect and sportsmanship. The deficit of volunteer game officials is now interfering with play.

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News Bites for Oct. 5, 2022

AROUND SNOHOMISH COUNTY — The minimum bid price for the Avenue D former public works yard in Snohomish, update on cancer fundraiser, and an Everett rape attempt report.

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Council majority puts end to multi-family tax exemption talks for Midtown District

SNOHOMISH — A 4-3 vote by the City Council last week put an end to talks of offering developers a tax waiver that intended to jointly encourage development and affordable housing in the Midtown District up Avenue D. So, what's next?

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Newly discovered COVID‑like virus could
infect humans, resist vaccines

A recently discovered virus in a Russian bat that is similar to SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19, is likely capable of infecting humans and, if it were to spillover, is resistant to current vaccines.

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Everett trying to stay on course with its budget

EVERETT — Mayor Cassie Franklin’s proposed $543.7 million budget avoids service cuts, and it continues the city's work on homelessness, affordable housing and climate change.

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In a way, he's how Hewitt Avenue got its groove

EVERETT — One could say building rehabilitator Pete Sikov is a secret part of Hewitt Avenue's revival. Through selecting who to rent to, it transformed into a historic arts and culture district. The Hodges Building, smack-dab in the center of downtown, underwent years of restoration after a damaging fire and opened in May. A story of the landowner who has slowly curated whole blocks of downtown.

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Brush fire in Monroe's hills was likely accidental

MONROE — A rush of firefighters tackled a three-alarm brush fire in the hills behind Walmart and up Chain Lake Road Monday, Sept. 19 as a smoke column could be seen billowing from most of north Monroe. The fire was likely caused by accident, investigators say.

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Project at corner of SR 9 – Cathcart Way got OK too quietly, appeal accuses

CATHCART — How county planning staff proceeded with a proposed development at a large vacant corner at Highway 9 and Cathcart Way has prompted an appeal from neighbors crying foul to the County Council. Neighbors believed Cathcart would get a lively hub. Instead, 286 townhomes is the plan that wasn't widely publicized.
The County Council will hear the appeal on Oct. 5.

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Delta residents tired of dangerous Jackson Park problems

Mukilteo’s go-kart center is closing

Doug Ramsay 2021 file photo

The end may be near for Traxx Indoor Raceway, the go-kart center in Mukilteo. Traxx announced the news earlier this month. The last checkered flag may fall Oct. 30.
Anybody serious about buying can contact
The owners are happy to sell as a whole package.
You’d need to relocate the business because the warehouse it’s in at 4329 Chennault Beach Road will have a new tenant. The building’s owner is a relative of the warehouse’s original builders, county land records show.
The next nearest go-kart center is K1 Speed in Redmond.

Proposed statewide change to ban new gas cars from sale in 2035 taking comments

A formal proposal would ban the sale of new gas-powered and gas-electric hybrid vehicles by 2035 statewide. The state Department of Ecology is taking public comments on this until Oct. 19. Here's how...

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Corn maze of Seattle Kraken hockey team is Stocker Farms’ theme this year

SNOHOMISH — Stocker Farms’ corn maze design this year celebrates the Seattle Kraken NHL team, and it’s all for a good cause.

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In reversal, Snohomish County dumps now to be open Sunday, Sept. 25

Snohomish High's homecoming dance changing to be informal

Gov. to end coronavirus emergency status, but some rules stay

In some schools, lunch is already free for everyone
State Superintendent aims to make school meals free statewide

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — As it stands today, not everyone has to pay for a school lunch. Those who do saw meal prices nudged up again this school year. If State Superintendent Chris Reykdal gets state legislation passed for universally free school meals, per a plan he announced last week to ask for $86 million in state earmarks, paying for school lunch could become a thing of the past next fall.

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Complete burn ban in effect - no recreational fires now

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Fire officials at Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue, headquartered in Monroe, issued a full burn ban in its jurisdiction, including a ban on recreational fires, due to the current high fire danger and existing wildland fires within the region. The upgraded burn ban will took effect immediately and be effective until further notice. This restriction bans all outdoor burning, including recreational fires. Exceptions are charcoal and gas grills.
Who's affected?: Incorporated cities and towns included in this outdoor burning ban are: Lake Stevens, Mill Creek, Monroe, and Sultan. All residential outdoor burn permits, including permits issued by PSCAA (Puget Sound Clean Air Agency) for agricultural burning, are suspended until this ban is lifted. This ban will remain in effect until there is a sustained period of rainfall.

Blackman Lake receiving more focus

SNOHOMISH — The city is investing in Blackman Lake. The lake off of 13th Street can use any help it can get.

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School memorializes 9/11 with thousands of tiny U.S. flags

SNOHOMISH — Some 2,977 American flags, one for each life lost in the 9/11 attacks, covered the grass alongside Union Avenue late last week.

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Snohomish brewery owner pleads not guilty

SNOHOMISH — The brewer who’s been accused of molesting a pre-teen girl pleaded not guilty before Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Robert Okrent last week. Frank Sandoval’s trial is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 2.

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Large arts and music center nears its opening

EVERETT — A new graffiti museum and music venue is coming to Everett this fall at Everett and Wetmore avenues, within the former Club Broadway building.

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Proposed narcotics rehab rule may not preclude federal dollars for county's hotel buys

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — County Councilman Nate Nehring's effort to introduce a stipulation that illicit drug users must go through treatment as a condition of being given shelter in county-funded housing for homeless individuals can be done without precluding federal funding, but it must be done narrowly to avoid pitfalls, the county prosecutor's office found.

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A zebra finds a new home in Machias

MACHIAS — How did a zebra end up a woman's ranch? Well, here's the thing...

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Echo Lake residents bolster their emergency safety

ECHO LAKE — The Echo Lake community’s new Emergency Operations Center will help ensure they're not isolated if The Big One shakes through this unincorporated, isolated area of thousands of households midway between Woodinville and Monroe.

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Two historic Monroe houses at risk of demolition again

MONROE — The clock is ticking louder today on the historic Buck Houses, and fate will tell if they’re saved.

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Suboxone clinic proposed for downtown Monroe

MONROE — A proposed new site for an addiction clinic in downtown Monroe will also help East County residents with opioid dependence as far away as Index.

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Once a youth jail wing, now treating adults:
Inside the North Sound Behavioral Health Treatment Center

EVERETT — People are getting help in Everett through short-term but intensive, 24/7 rehabilitation to try to put addiction firmly in their past.

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Broadband internet gaps in county to be identified to increase services

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A countywide survey will dig deeper into internet gaps in rural county. Informal surveys show Machias, Three Lakes, and the outskirts north of Monroe, plus the Highway 9 corridor between Lake Stevens and Arlington, are populated areas have internet speeds below broadband standards. Residents in the most outlying pockets might be buying satellite internet services as no internet lines come to them.

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Snohomish brewery owner faces
criminal charge of child molestation

SNOHOMISH — County prosecutors filed a charge Thursday against the owner of SnoTown Brewery on an accusation he molested a pre-teen girl. Second-degree child molestation is a class B felony.

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Lingering baby formula shortage has food banks left with few cans to give

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — The nation’s baby formula shortage has left at least some food banks sometimes going without. They can use your help. People on WIC Cards faced further hurdles. Baby formula makers speak to what they're doing in response.

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A survivor in so many ways: Resilient Renee's story

MONROE — Renee Uribe-Sayah endured much in her life: The domestic abuse, the migraines, the car accident, the brain tumor. She took each step as a challenge.

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Fixes for 522 bottlenecks are being designed
today, but actual construction timeline hazy

MONROE — Progress is steadily being made behind the scenes to widen the last part of state Route 522 and completely redo the Maltby Road/Paradise Lake Road intersection to get rid of the stoplight.
Finding money to construct it is a known need.

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Equestrians feel sidelined in newest Lord Hill Park plan

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — The recently released final plan for Lord Hill Regional Park, the large recreational woodland between Snohomish and Monroe, again tweaks the trail system and reverses decisions.
Horse riders, though, take issue.

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Think your kid gets migraines? This doc can say

EVERETT — More children may be susceptible to migraines than once thought. A clinical research drug trial is ongoing for a dissolvable tablet to help adolescents when migraines attack. An Everett center is one of the few centers nationally taking patients.

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Stretching to the sky

Jim Scolman photo

Chuck Betker, of Spark Hot Yoga, center, back, leads a class of about 30 students in Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga in a beautiful sunflower field at Bob’s Corn & Pumpkin Farm on a stunning Tuesday afternoon in Snohomish. “Farm Yoga” is one of many events Bob’s is hosting for its sunflower festival ongoing through Sept. 17. Betker has been teaching for about seven years and is from Everett.




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