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Pickleball exhibited

Doug Ramsay photo

Snohomish Senior Center member Karen Gahm of Snohomish sends the ball across the net as she was playing a game of pickleball at the Snohomish Boys and Girls Club in Snohomish on Saturday, June 25. The senior center, along with the Snohomish Pickleball Club, presented an exhibition of the sport during a day of fun activities. Pickleball, invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, is Washington State’s official sport.

Everett’s Fourth of July should be rocking

EVERETT — When the Fourth comes Monday, Everett will be exploding with events from firework shows to live music to food trucks to beer gardens.

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Be fireworks safe this Fourth

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — If you’re thinking fireworks this Fourth of July....

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Snohomish's Avenue A Gazebo replacement may come soon

SNOHOMISH — The weathered gazebo at the endcap of Avenue A at First Street is still set to get a full refurbishment. Council discusses the plans for deleting a tree nearby.

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Snohomish mini-golf tournament is man’s way of giving back

SNOHOMISH — Cody Gemmer is the founder and driving force behind the second annual Caddy Brite Classic mini-golf tournament, a public tournament slated for 3 - 5 p.m. Thursday, July 14 at the Snohomish Valley Golf Center, 8511 Marsh Road, Snohomish.

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Property tax exemption for Midtown scheduled for vote July 5

SNOHOMISH — A property tax exemption is being proposed on new development in the Midtown District along Avenue D, and a public hearing on this will be Tuesday, July 5 with City Council confirmation possibly afterward. By doing so, property tax costs will shift to the rest of city property owners.

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Coffee stands won’t close due to plumbing rule

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Coffee stands without plumbing can continue to operate under zero risk of closure, the state health department told the Tribune, and this allowance hasn’t been deleted. The story discusses why and what's transpired since earlier this month.

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Summer meal programs keep kids fed

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Programs in Snohomish, Monroe and Everett make sure hunger doesn’t strike. They’re each opening starting June 27 to everyone under 18. Details in the story.

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How should county prioritize $80 million?

EVERETT — The county has spent this month listening to hundreds of viewpoints on how to spend $80 million in the most impactful ways and is still taking comments. Homeless sheltering, affordable housing and other services were prominently the public's choice during a meeting last week in Everett.

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Frequent vandal to Lake Tye Park annoying city

MONROE — A graffiti vandal lately has been marking up the bathrooms at Lake Tye Park on a frequent basis.

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Snohomish evaluating adding density, maybe annexing, in north and west

SNOHOMISH — Growing the city by annexing its urban growth areas could be a real possibility coming in the next few years.
Letting in slightly denser residential to three areas being studied is another.

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First Street now to be site of entire Kla Ha Ya Days weekend

SNOHOMISH — Weekend events are all going to be on First Street for the annual Kla Ha Ya Days summertime celebration in mid-July after a change in venue.

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Monroe’s green thumbs give back

MONROE — The Monroe Garden Club does a lot around town. The club for anyone interested in plants is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

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Free rides on Everett city buses for all under age 18 start July 1 changes to ORCA Lift fares

EVERETT — Everett Transit will let youth under 18 ride free effective July 1, and also reduce the ORCA Lift fare and introduce a subsidized ridership program.

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Sky Valley Food Bank’s new director can use more volunteers

MONROE — The Sky Valley Food Bank has a new director who’s an experienced hand.

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Investigation finds abuses by Monroe Schools Superintendent Blasko without doubt, school leaders processing next steps

MONROE — With a damning report on Superintendent Justin Blasko now in the open, the school board is being mum about whether he’ll stay or go.
School board president Jennifer Bumpus issued an update on June 2 that the district plans to recruit an interim superintendent for beyond June 30 as a standby.

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Farmers Markets give plenty to see

Doug Ramsay photo

Tori MacMullin of Lake Stevens and her three-year-old daughter Luna, check out the green frog and yellow flower cookies at Darlene Ulsh’s fresh baked goods booth at the Snohomish Farmers Market on Thursday, June 16. After people got soaked during the two prior market days in Snohomish, the weather was much more cooperative last week. The Snohomish market runs on Thursdays from 3-7 p.m. at Cedar and Pearl streets. It moved back to this spot earlier this month.
Monroe’s market is Wednesdays from 3-7 p.m. in the Galaxy Movie Theaters parking lot. Everett’s market is held Sundays 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. downtown in the vicinity of Wetmore and Wall streets a block off of Hewitt.

Everett School Board majority declines to shorten terms to 4 years

EVERETT — A proposal to shorten elected school board terms from six years to four years, introduced by exiting board member April Berg, was shot down last week.

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Fungi to fork: Growing gourmet mushrooms from scratch

EVERETT — Black Forest Mushrooms owner, Nathanael Engen, spent his time during the coronavirus lockdowns learning how to build a magical kingdom of gourmet mushrooms, which he'll soon be taking to market.

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Think your kid gets migraines? This doc can say

EVERETT — More children may be susceptible to migraines than once thought. A clinical research drug trial is ongoing for a dissolvable tablet to help adolescents when migraines attack. An Everett center is one of the few centers nationally taking patients.

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Snohomish teacher wins national award

SNOHOMISH — Snohomish High School career pathways and civics teacher Kathy Purviance-Snow won one of public education’s highest national honors for her work in lifting up education and her students.

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Sultan flexing its muscles as it seeks fixes for U.S. 2 congestion

SULTAN — The City of Sultan is trying to take the matter of fixing U.S. 2 congestion into its own hands. The city hired a consultant company to produce designs with the goal of reducing traffic wait times. Some of the drawings feature roundabouts to replace the stoplights along the 3-mile section in Sultan.

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Moving Snohomish vets memorial back to Carnegie still to come

SNOHOMISH — A plan is in the early stages to put the Snohomish Veterans Memorial obelisk monument back to standing on the Carnegie Building’s grounds at First and Cedar.

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Community Transit to revamp its bus routes in 2024 to link to light rail

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — When an urban rail system reaches Lynnwood as soon as summer 2024, it could be a game-changer for the county.
In anticipation, Community Transit is restructuring its bus network to bring riders to Sound Transit’s Link light rail stations, as well as connecting commuter riders with Community Transit’s bus rapid transit Swift lines. Details in story.

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