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Free Friday music series at Lake Tye starts

Jim Scolman photo

Bailey and her mom Amy Brooks of Monroe dance to the country music of Megs McLean and her band Friday, July 9 at Lake Tye Park for the first of four city concerts called Music in the Park. A large crowd was brought out by the great weather. Bailey is age 5½ and said she has been dancing for a long time. Coming up, rock band BroHamm will play Friday, July 23 at 7 p.m. and ‘80s tribute band The Spazmatics plays July 30 at 7 p.m. The Stacy jones Band played July 16.

Snohomish looks at how to create more affordable housing

SNOHOMISH — The City Council last week discussed affordable housing and the changes needed to the city’s zoning to meet its goals.
One of those plans requires different zoning laws, taking the town from largely single-family dwellings to having more multi-family housing to compensate for increased housing prices.

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Candidates for Everett District 3 diverge on transit, city approach

EVERETT — Two candidates for the council district covering western Everett — Don Schwab and Jacob Vail — are split on topics such as transit and taxes. Candidate Lacey Sauvageau did not respond in time to questions. Read the answers to questions the paper sent to the candidates.

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Candidate finding signs destroyed

SNOHOMISH — A Snohomish City Council candidate is finding her signs persistently destroyed while others are being largely untouched.

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Community rallies for family hit by fire

MONROE — The community’s outpouring of support is helping a family that lost their home in a fire last month to keep standing strong.

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Judge to decide on Walsh Hills housing development proposal

SNOHOMISH — A Superior Court judge is deciding whether the Walsh Hills subdivision can proceed in northeast Snohomish.

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City’s Pallet village begins sheltering its first homeless residents

EVERETT — Move-in week has begun at a much-debated shelter village for people experiencing homelessness near downtown Everett.

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Snohomish County loosens rules for add-on living spaces

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Wanting to diversify housing stock, the County Council has loosened the rules to let rural homeowners add more places to live on their property, also known as ADUs.

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Everett budget plans being developed in long shadow of deficit

EVERETT — The City of Everett has an estimated $16.5 million deficit next year, about $15 million in underexpenditures it can draw from, $20 million coming to it from the federal American Rescue Plan and $48 million in retired employee obligations to plan for.

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Gov. extends the clock on evictions, sets rules barring them

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — People behind on rent will have more time to resolve being in arrears under new orders made by Gov. Jay Inslee last week under the shadow of the state’s eviction moratorium ending June 30.

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Zion Lutheran’s new pastor fills long-awaited need

SNOHOMISH — After two years of temporary pastors, Zion Lutheran Church of Snohomish welcomed the Rev. Don Stults to lead their congregation.

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Coronavirus variants not seen widely but some carry extra punches

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Variants of the coronavirus that have mutations from the original, such as the UK variant, pose a risk vector in the fight against the infectious disease. Health officials also emphasize that unvaccinated individuals are still catching COVID-19 even though numbers are down.

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What can you do if you owe months of rent?

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — For thousands worried about having past-due rent, there is help.

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Snohomish intends to lower speeds to 20 mph, including on arterials

SNOHOMISH — Most City Council members have said they support a proposal to reduce speed limits to 20 mph across the main core of the city, including some arterial roads.
These arterials include Second Street, Avenue D, Avenue A, Fourth Street, Maple, Pine, Lincoln and part of Park Avenue.

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