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Plenty to see at the Stream Center

Doug Ramsay photo

The Northwest Stream Center’s director Tom Murdoch (left) explains the nature of wetlands to Jennifer Gresham (right) and Nick Dzubinski (center,) both of Everett on Saturday, April 3. The 20-acre forest and wetlands are within urban McCollum Park in south Everett. The center’s featured attraction through April is a large expanse of the first spring flower of the Pacific Northwest, the skunk cabbage, which is now blooming (yellow flowers in the background). It takes reservations for tour times at A half-mile long elevated, universally accessible walkway allows visitors to wander through the Stream Center while learning about the interconnection between forests, wetlands, streams, wildlife and people.
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Hanging flower baskets program for downtown can use support

SNOHOMISH — The community’s support will help ensure First Street’s flower basket program can flourish.

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Everett Transit wants all-electric bus fleet, and it’s on its way to doing so

EVERETT — Everett Transit’s plan to have an almost all-electric fleet by 2024 is heading toward halfway there. The agency is ordering nine more electric buses, and is aiming to win grants for 12 more. U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen, who was given a demonstration ride on Everett's buses last week, thinks the Northwest can lead in exchanging gasoline buses for electrics. Meanwhile, Community Transit is weighing its options.

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Everett talking about senior center reopening in long-term future

EVERETT — The Carl Gipson Senior Center could reopen as soon as this fall under a forthcoming deal for Volunteers of America Western Washington.

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Monroe arts group has plenty in store for future plans

MONROE — The town’s group for the arts is still producing events while waiting eagerly for the end of the pandemic.

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Vaccine eligibility expands to all over age 16 soon

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Gov. Jay Inslee announced on March 31 that on April 15, COVID-19 vaccines will be made available to every Washingtonian over age 16. Meanwhile, everyone age 60 to 64 or work in certain industries became eligibile for a vaccine today. A new vaccine locator website launched recently. It is

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Snohomish police, jail contracts to be discussed April 6

SNOHOMISH — City Hall is turning its attention to renewing a five-year contract with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office for police services. Story includes coverage of the March 9 police town hall.

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Averill Field feature ideas shown to public

SNOHOMISH — Park planners envision the green space at Third Street and Pine Avenue as a place for gatherings, music and play. Concept sketches are inside this story link.

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Lights are back on at Pilchuck Park, but there's more work to do

SNOHOMISH — Entire rows of lights for illuminating the baseball field at Piclhuck Park wouldn’t turn on. Not having night games poses a crunch for the upcoming youth baseball season.
A turning point might have happened last week, though.

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School admins studying advised 3-foot distance within classroom spaces

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — School districts are still working out whether to shrink from six feet to three feet apart for social distancing inside classrooms.

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Time for kindergarten registration

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Details on kindergarten registration for the Snohomish, Monroe, Everett and Mukilteo school districts.

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Walsh Hills development taken to court

SNOHOMISH — A lawsuit against the proposed housing development in northeast Snohomish attempts to stop it on the argument the city failed to follow its own development code when it gave its approval.

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Company that collects hard-to-recycle items now serving area

SNOHOMISH — If you hang onto batteries, lightbulbs and grocery bags intending to get them recycled, you may be interested in a collection service that expanded this month to the Snohomish area.

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Murder charge for 1987 fatal blaze at Everett Community College

Photo courtesy Everett Commuinity College

EVERETT — A crack in a 34-year mystery led to murder charges being filed for the 1987 death of Everett Firefighter Gary Parks, who died in a fire set by arson at Everett Community College. More on this story...

Snohomish planning department goes paperless

SNOHOMISH — The city has just gone paperless for all planning and permitting files. A hub launched last week for filing developments, and it also lets people track development around town and in their neighborhood.

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Free pre-K classrooms for low-income kids short on supply

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — In Snohomish County, an estimated 918 low-income children who are eligible for free preschool through state ECEAP and federal Head Start programs weren’t in it, in part because there are not enough classrooms to go around. Early Childhood learning is receiving a renewed focus from legislators.

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Catalytic converter thefts are spiking again

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — The quick-hit job of stealing catalytic converters from the underside of cars has resurfaced across Snohomish County, and police want people to protect their pocketbooks.

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Call to relocate Everett Planned Parenthood opponents can’t be done

EVERETT — The city says it cannot establish a buffer zone to move anti-abortion protestors away from Planned Parenthood’s premises. Supporters say not stopping women from being harassed is beyond disappointing. Every Wednesday brings a crowd.

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Student survey shows racism, homophobia and sexism in Monroe schools, but also discomfort with speaking up against it

MONROE — A recent student research project found that many students had experienced racism or other types of hate speech within the Monroe School District, and discomfort with telling a teacher about it.

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