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School is starting

Children returned to school this week, meaning yellow school buses are making stops along their routes. Here, Snohomish School District vehicle mechanic Myles Glance tightens up a screw as he finishes repairs to one of the district’s buses Thursday, Aug. 30 as mechanics readied fleets countywide. Safety is important as children load in and out of school buses. Do not pass a school bus when it signals a stop; it’s not the same as a city bus. On a two-lane road, cars in both directions stop unless there’s a dividing median. Not stopping for the bus can cost you a $430 fine by state law, and some districts have videocameras built into their buses for enforcement purposes.


Homeless housing site will provide stability, services

EVERETT — The four-story, 65-unit building tucked behind the corner of Evergreen Way and Pecks Drive that is set to give the county's most chronically homeless people permanent housing is on its way.

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A police ride along can give citizens a look at a patrol cop’s night

SNOHOMISH — A ridealong can give perspective on a patrol officer's variety of encounters.

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Metro Everett plan would allow a taller downtown

EVERETT — The City Council approved a comprehensive book of development regulation modifications, including a mixed vote to continue allowing clinics and social services downtown.

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Labor strike halts projects countywide

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Projects in Everett and Snohomish halted when the union representing crane operators, concrete pumpers, pavers, dirt workers, material hoisters and other heavy machine operators went on strike.

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Coyote sightings may catch people by surprise, but threat is low

EVERETT — What to do when you encounter a coyote in urban settings.

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Swirling Vaux’s swifts come to roost Sept. 8 in Monroe

MONROE — Swift Night Out begins at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 8, but the free show begins to flourish at sunset. The little birds dive in tail-first into the chimney at the past center of Frank Wagner Elementary school.

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Kartak clarifies comments at Second Street meeting

SNOHOMISH — Plans for the Second Street corridor have changed a bit, and the mayor also made a point to clarify his comments from a past meeting about making Second Street feel like First Street. Also, a roundabout is considered on First Street west of Avenue D.

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What happens when affordable housing is lost?

SNOHOMISH — People may be displaced as time is up for its owner's interest and the building is finding buyers. Affordable housing groups couldn't step in. A sale will turn the building into market-rate housing, and circumstances have left the low-income residents living at Sixth Street and Pine Avenue potentially pushed out of the community.

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Clearview calls for focus on zoning

By ANGELA COOPER-McCORKLE Published August 29, 2018    Clearview calls for focus on zoning   CLEARVIEW — Upzoning has Clearview concerned at a meeting with elected official. Traffic also ranked high among concerns. Officials explained what work they are dCLEARVIEW — Upzoning has Clearview concerned at a meeting with elected official. Traffic also ranked high among concerns. Officials explained what work they are doing to solve the problems.

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City may finish East Monroe saga by tying in with nonprofit group

MONROE — A deal with the conservation nonprofit Forterra could put the East Monroe issue to bed and in new hands by Thanksgiving. Update: The council approved the deal.

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Racist incidents in Snohomish spark response

SNOHOMISH — A string of racist acts in the city has prompted residents to take their group, Snohomish for Equity, public. The City Council denounced the racist acts that occurred in the city over the summer.

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Beekeepers alarmed by chemical spray near school gardens, hives

SNOHOMISH — Centennial Middle School students’ plans to bring their produce to market were scrapped after blackberries several feet away from their organic school garden were sprayed with herbicides.

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Targeting a world championship: Teen archer heading overseas to compete

MONROE — Monroe High School sophomore Erin White and friends share her story on how the dedicated field archer will be competing soonin archery's world championships.

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Rebuilt Salem Woods and Frank Wagner elementaries,
plus Park Place Middle, readying for school year

MONROE — Students will be entering freshly readied new schools.

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School supplies can strain budgets - where to get help

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — School supplies can cost an average of $80 a kid. There are some places offering help.

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Affordable housing gaps reflect
countywide crunch for shelter


Snohomish County’s homeless children widespread


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