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Kla Ha Ya Days delights yet again

Keeping her eye on the competition, a young participant in the watermelon eating event glances at a competitor. The watermelon event was just one of the many events competition at this year’s Kla Ha Ya Days celebration in Snohomish on Saturday, July 21. The annual event which attracts visitors from all over the state, and featured the traditional parade, eating competitions and an appearance from the Dino Crew Northwest’s animatronic dinosaurs, along with a carnival and circus.


Blueberry farmers finding success from superfood status

SNOHOMISH — As the benefits of the low calorie fruit have become better known, their popularity has surged.

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No pay raise for Snohomish mayor

SNOHOMISH — The City Council decided against increasing the salary for the mayor's position, but recognized Mayor John Kartak's hard work.

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Fish troubles at Blackmans Lake should be halted by city worker ingenuity

SNOHOMISH — A solution using a culvert blocker to keep fish from escaping from Blackmans Lake turned into a chore for city workers, so they have invented a better idea.

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Metro Everett Plan to reshape downtown in final stages to passage

EVERETT — August will be a busy month for city planners as the Metro Plan goes through its final shakedown before the City Council. Meetings are scheduled to discuss specific portions of the plan.

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Snohomish Carnegie Building plan advances

SNOHOMISH — The City Council approved a plan allowing the mayor to enter a contract with ARC Architects to create a final design plan and complete an overview of the estimated building costs for the Carnegie Building's renovation.

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Teacher’s learning experience in Thailand brings lessons to Riverview Elementary

SNOHOMISH — A trip to Thailand in July offered a unique learning experience for Riverview Elementary teacher Jennifer Carness’s master’s degree program in biology, and the lessons will come in handy when school starts this fall.

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Affordable housing gaps reflect
countywide crunch for shelter

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Pressures on the market combined with a housing supply far short of demand has left people strapped in being able to find affordable housing.

Condemned building still active inside

EVERETT — A building across the street from the Everett Performing Arts Center and near Funko has a storied past and was home to funky cafe, but a city order shut it all down. A visit showed that there is still activity in the building, though.

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Downtown Monroe continues revitalization, including litter pickups

MONROE — The Downtown Monroe Association (DMA) introduced a new executive director plus plans to clean up the neighborhood and drum up business at the July 11 City Council meeting.

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A throwback market for modern times

EVERETT — What started as a tent that Kelso pitched on the site in 1997, and turned into an open air red barn 15 years ago, has transformed again by meshing old and new with a sprinkle of ice cream cones.

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Effort to stamp out plastic straws begins in Snohomish

SNOHOMISH — A group is starting a campaign to have people rethink using plastic straws.

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Rivers not yet ready for swimming during this summer

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A swim in the river right now could be fatal because the water is cold and the currents are swift. Stick to a lake and wear a life jacket, officials say.

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Guns being found in all sorts of places in Everett



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