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U.S. 2 Trestle closure postponed to June 23 - 24

The full westbound closure of the U.S. 2 trestle has been postponed to the weekend of June 23 - 24. Inclement weather postponed the timing. Visit our Briefs page to find some events to check out this weekend such as the Kids Fishing Derby and a Pinewood box derby.

She won’t stop running

Doug Ramsay photo

MONROE — Carla Stewart, who plans to run 55 miles during the Monroe Relay for Life on June 2 and 3, stands in the garden at the Sky Valley Food Bank on Thursday, May 24. She is a cancer survivor and the 55 miles are to honor 55 people. She also raised more than $3,800 for the American Cancer Society for the walk and memorial event.

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New tools will help shove squatters out

SNOHOMISH — Soon, law enforcement will have another tool in their toolbox to get squatters out of abandoned houses. It may resonate at 1405 Weaver Way in Snohomish where squatters took root.

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New community hub for Casino Road being planned

EVERETT — Sometime in the near future, a new community hub could open along Casino Road. It’s going to be inside the Children’s Village center at 14 E. Casino Road. Most importantly, it will give the community a space of its own.

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Mill Town Trail helps honor city’s 125th

EVERETT — An unofficial trail that runs around the Everett peninsula will get an official blessing and name at a celebration Saturday, June 2 at 10 a.m. Also that day, the city is holding a separate 125th anniversary event.

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The Historic Everett Theatre could be yours (among hundreds of contributors)

EVERETT — The theater is extending an offer to the community to join a group of co-owners to pass the baton as the current owner has announced his retirement. It’s like crowdfunding.

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92-year-old man organizing his Class of ‘43 reunion

SNOHOMISH — A Snohomish resident is putting together his high school reunion.

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New youth council gives teens voice on government affairs

SNOHOMISH — Teens will be tasked with finding solutions and making suggestions for city government under a new youth engagement effort led by the City Council.

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Audits identified need for tighter controls on city credit cards

SNOHOMISH — The State Auditors Office had questions and see risks with how the city handled and monitored its many credit cards.In 2017, one of those credit cards was misplaced and stolen and $1,000 worth of fraudulent purchases were made. The city got its money back, but there were questions on why the city worker had his bosses’ city credit card in the first place.

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Marines sent to Vietnam enlisted 50 years ago

EVERETT — The all-volunteer Evergreen State Platoon, assembled 50 years ago, included five from Snohomish County, one of whom didn't make it back.

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Everett Performing Arts Center costs and losses questioned

By SAMANTHA CHAPMAN, contributing writer Published May 9, 2018     Future Everett Y pool to have open access for city residents   EVERETT — Pending a deal the Everett City Council will likely pass this week, city residents will be able to use the YMCA’s fEVERETT — An arrangement with the Village Theatre that has the city paying more money than it gets back in revenue sparked a discussion at a City Council meeting earlier this month.

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"Coffee's on"
One man has made it a mission to give warmth weekly

EVERETT — Downtown every week, a man who began with a single cup of coffee to a homeless person has grown his operation of giving to hold a post with hot meals and drinks multiple times a week.He is the "Coffee Man" Ross Tucker.

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Parents stand for Monroe school librarians against cuts

MONROE — Some families and educators are unhappy with a change that takes librarians out of the school district’s elementary and middle schools.

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City Council split on having more marijuana stores in Everett

EVERETT — The City Council was split 3-3 on whether the city should lift restrictions to allow five more legally licensed recreational marijuana stores open within city limits. The public hearing notably had multiple people outside Everett voicing both sides of the issue.

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Future Everett Y pool to have open access for city residents

EVERETT — Pending a deal the Everett City Council will likely pass this week, city residents will be able to use the YMCA’s future pool even if they are not a Y member.

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Who has filed for office?

SNOHOMISH COUNTY — A rundown of who has filed for this fall's election. The Everett City Council will have a three-way primary.


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